Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fast Becoming

While it isn't super fast, the Trip quilt is coming together quickly. I am still making design decisions.  At this point if appears that I will quilt it in just two sections  and then join the two into one quilt.
Here is how the top is looking.  I filled in some open places with strips that were already cut.
Just ignore the bright colored quilt on my bed beneath this top.  Once the three new sections are joined and outlined with strips similarly to the other section, I plan to make wide piano key borders for all four sides. I suspect it will look a bit wild.  But I think it will be perfect for the recipient.

Question:  Would it be too wild to add red or maybe burgundy into the piano key border?
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Debbie said...

Super wild and crazy. So much eye candy to discover here. You have stepped osut of the box to really play with the patterns. Love your bravery. Touches of red/burgundy would be an unexpected surprise. We never know until we see it :)

Barbara said...

I'd like red! Looking great!

diane said...

Enjoy watching your process of this quilt. A surprise color in the border would be great.
Maybe even an orangish red. (or not) You will know when you audition! Will be looking forward to the end product.

Barb said...

Oh....go ahead...walk on your wild side...... going to be fabulous!

Jeanna said...

I love the sashing strips. Not sure about the red and burgundy but it doesn't sound too wild.

Danice G said...

Hello Gene. Beautiful, colorful quilt. I love piano keyboard borders. Red or burgundy would seem to go with this quilt :)