Friday, April 07, 2017

Gallery Opening Take Two

The photographer gave me copies of some of the files - which I edited myself. He will edit his later and probably do a much better job.  But I needed them to get this post ready.

At the gallery each of the artists had people from the gallery wearing some of our work - and of course we each wore something of our own work.
First up is a picture of  The MVAC Treasurer, Artist Rita Winters, Artist Gene Black and MVAC Secretary.
The treasurer is wearing one of my creations and the Secretary is wearing one of Rita's creations.

Patti and Kim wore  some of my work and posed with one of my mannequins.  I love how Kim was rocking the No-Sew Hat. It looked elegant on her- when I wear it, I look like a clown.

These paintings were hanging in the front room near the liquid refreshments. 

The "Wild Abandon" wall hanging  which is over 9 feet long hung 
from near the ceiling to the top half of an unused door.
Here is a photo of me posing with some of my art quilt pieces.
And here is Rita posing with one of her Batwing Tops with a lovely woven scarf.

There are more photos but I will save those for later.  Have a wonderful weekend. 

Oh yes, perhaps all of this has inspired you to be more creative. I suggest taking a class from Craftsy as this weekend all the top classes are $19.99 each or less
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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the opening of your gallery

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Wonderful photos, Gene - and YES - you have inspired me to be more creative - any day now - LOL - ;))

Sue said...

Congratulations Gene, it looks like an exciting exhibition.

Barbara said...

Everyone looks happy and justifiably so, all look great in various artists' creations. I was able to pick out your unique style without reading. Are a couple of the pieces knitted or crocheted?

Debbie said...

Wow....fabulous. I remember those small art quilt pieces. Exciting to have them up in a gallery showing. The models look good, andso are the showings. Thanks for sharing some.

Marlene said...

What a great display! You have such a different style than the other artist that the contrast makes the most of both.

Barb said...

Very inspirational for sure.....I am so excited for you!!!!

Rhonda said...

Way to go Gene!!! Love your works.

Jeanna said...

The garments made from your woven pieces are lovely!

Janie said...

Congratulations, beautiful art!