Wednesday, April 05, 2017

More Sewn Garments

Sunday, I spoke with someone who will be working at the reception for the gallery on Thursday evening.  She said "I wish we could model the garments." Hmmmm....the ones that are hung need to stay on the walls of the gallery - but......  I said "Wear something neutral and I will bring something to drape on you."   She seemed excited.   Of course I didn't get measurements. So I made a variety of garments. Surely at least one will work for her and she will get to "model" as she serves at the drinks table.
Disclaimer: As my torso models are all at the gallery, these are just on hangers - they do look better on a body form. 
First up is one I call the "Slash Neck Top"
This was given to me as a hand drawn pattern by another weaver.  Hmm...that fringe needs to be twisted yet.  That will be a good "busy work" thing to do on this stormy day.

Next up is one that I designed. I confess that the design isn't quite what I had in mind. I am reserving judgement until I see it on a real body.   You get both  front and back views - although it is reversible.

Then we come to the Rocket Vest - a pattern from one of my Japanese weaving books.
If you click to enlarge you may see the label in the center back seam.  But all you can really see is the edge.  Here is what it looks like on one side
And finally the T-Shaped Top - again from one of the Japanese Saori books. And once more you get to see both sides as it is reversible also.

This is what I consider the front. 
So, there is a quick show of what I have made since Sunday evening.

I almost forgot this: the notification that the gallery sent in the newsletter:

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DebbieB said...

These garments are all terrific, Gene! You have a great eye for making the most of your beautiful handwoven cloth.

Sarah said...

These are gorgeous! I
Love all those saturated colors.

Barbara said...

Incredible all since Sunday evening! You will know which one should be modeled when she puts them on. I really like the front of the one you designed, but the Rocket Vest has incredible colors. Whichever she wears, it will help you, I'm sure. Oh, an idea! Have her wear them all, maybe 1/2 hour or so each. Everyone will watch for the one up next

Debbie said...

Fabulous job, Gene. This is exciting to hear about. I love your success. Having a garment worn is high praise. The label looks great!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Oooh - top billing!! - Your garments are wonderful - and a model to wear one - how exciting!! - ;))

MIchaelC said...

They are all really terrific.

Jeanna said...

All very beautiful pieces, Gene.

I'm playing catch-up on my reading and commenting. My husband had knee surgery last week so I've missed a lot.