Saturday, April 22, 2017

Weaving Demo

Saturday April 22nd -besides being Earth Day-was the day of my weaving demonstration at the MVAC Art Gallery.  A number of delightful people stopped by to watch, learn and try weaving.  For now, I only have this one picture --borrowed -- from Facebook to show.  The turnout was great. The photo is our youngest "new weaver" from the event.
(photos by her Mom.)
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Debbie said...

How wonderful! She is a doll and what a treat to be able to inspire and pass on your talent. We never know how these special times will alter someone's path.

Barbara said...

How did I miss this? Absolutely adorable!

Marlene said...

Isn't it marvelous to watch a child at the loom? I bought a Piccolo for my granddaughters but they are taking to weaving so well that I wish I had bought an SX-60 instead. They are growning so fast it would not have been long before the youngest, at age 8 now, could have treadled the larger size.

Jeanna said...

Bravo! It is so nice to see a young person enjoying the craft. I'm sure you inspired her, Gene.