Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weaving Demonstration at the Gallery

Yesterday I showed the photo of my youngest attendee (and weaver!)  I now have a few more photos from the demonstration on Saturday.  I am very grateful to the people who took photos and shared them with me.  The event was well attended and I hope everyone there had a good time.  As you can tell from the photos, the attendees were very interested in the process.

The demo started with a bit of explanation and a few questions. 
 I think at this point (below) I was asked a question that I did not 
know an answer for.  The question was about the wood the loom
is made from.  I just know it is nice and sturdy and I never 
worried about what the wood is.  The wood is actually birch.

Sandi and her husband came in from Chattanooga to see the loom. She is very interested in learning to weave. 

 Here I am showing some of the techniques I use when weaving.  
You can see that everyone was paying attention. 

 Patti and Sandi both took the challenge to sit at the loom and try it. 

Giving some instruction

Trying it out.
Sandi asked a question and I had to see what happened.
She did a great job. As we say in Saori,
 "There are no mistakes, just design changes. 
 They both found the process fun and exciting. 
I do believe that both of them will make great weavers with a bit of instruction. 
I certainly had a great time doing this demonstration.  There were others who came in at 
various times during the demo as it was a "come and go" event. 

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Barbara said...

This is fabulous Gene, I hope they stay in touch with you if they continue to use what they learned. I love that gallery in an old house.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I missed your post yesterday and had to go look - it's nice to see a "young" lady interested in an "old" craft. It must have been fun to "demo" how you do your thing - everyone certainly seems to be interested - even trying it for themselves - how cool is that? - ;))

Jeanna said...

Perhaps you could teach a class, Gene. Seems like there was quite and interest.

Barb said...

Thanks for showing this post. I wish I could have been there. I know you gave a great presentation and hands on. Just awesome.

Marlene said...

Did you have any of your quilting friends drop by? I'd love to see some of them try weaving. Cross-pollination of crafting seems to result in more creativity in all of an artists interests, as you clearly show by your example.