Saturday, May 27, 2017

Just a bit of Quilty Playtime

Some days it is great to just play with no planned project or expected outcome. I grabbed some block parts, some scraps, some pre-pieced parts and a fat quarter or two and started playing.
I sewed, I slashed, I sewed again. I inserted strips and sewed on pieces.
Then I finally squared it up and added a border.
What will it be?  At this point I don't know and it isn't important. My spirit of play was released and  it reveled in creating.  Perhaps this piece will become part of a quilt - or maybe a decorative pillow.  There is a possibility I may just quilt it and add some embellishment and let it be a wall hanging.

Do you allow yourself playtime?  It is important to the creative spirit to play without being judged.  So turn off the critical voices in your head and play.

This playtime was inspired by Rayna Gillman and Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Each of them have written books about playing with scraps that I find truly inspirational.
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Marlene said...

I love the results of your day of play. I "play" much of the time and it is in those moments of play that I usually come up with my best ideas.

Jeanna said...

Good advice, Gene. Right now I am so focused on finishing projects, or at least making progress on them, that I'm not really 'playing.' I'll get there though.