Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Take One Giant Step

Sometimes in a project that moment comes when you say "Ahhh, I see the light at the end of the tunnel!"   or  "That was a Giant Step toward the finish line."
Today was that day.  Thanks to an interesting murder mystery audiobook, I sat long enough to make it to the end of quilting the second chunk of the quilt.   Since the book was still going - I decided to plunge ahead.  Cutting the joining strips and pinning them on, I sewed until the quilt is ONE big piece. The Janome evenfeed foot made the joining a little easier. As for the quilt?  I am happy with it.  Of course there are still things to do.
What is missing?  Binding is missing.  The label is missing. And I need a big old gift bag to put it in.  A nice card for the recipient is in order too.   Then and only then do I count it finished.  Barring any serious setbacks, this should all be easily finished before the deadline.  Looking at the photo, I think "Yes, that crazy piecing all worked out to make a very interesting quilt."

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

It's always nice to see that light at the end of the tunnel - and I agree - it's a VERY interesting quilt - with lots to look at and enjoy - the recipient is sure to love it - ;)))

Debbie said...

It is great! Love the colors and all the fun movement in it. the last bits just require time and will make it all done!

Barbara said...

Oh my, this is way more than interesting, it is absolutely stunning, and I love it! I would never get tired of looking at it. I love the colors you've used, and the composition is exquisite. I know it's an original, and it shows a sense of excellent decision-making as it came together. Composition was always my strong suit in art classes, and this really aces it! To be able to put something together willy-nilly, yet end up with a coherent and pleasing overall design, showcases your unique talent. The piano keys border and the joining strips were genius in pulling all of the quilt's elements together. I sensed some uncertainty about this project in the beginning, but you should be very proud of it. Really, truly, this is one of my favorite projects of yours, Gene, can't say enough!

diane said...

Wonderful! It's a very pleasing quilt to the eye with design and colors.
Another Gene original that truly shows your creative talent beautifully. I'm impressed.

Sherry said...

Cool quilt. . . but inquiring minds want to know about the book!

The quilt is really neat.

Jeanna said...

Wow, the quilt really is stunning. I do love the pop of red in the outside border. The recipient is going to be so happy!

Marlene said...

I love that your quilts are all so original! This one seems particularly suitable for a young man.