Sunday, June 25, 2017

Reviving a Neglected Project

After quite some time, (yikes!  over two years.....)  I have pulled out this project and made the final eight blocks for the quilt.  In the other sections I have both "Anita's Arrowhead" and "Old Italian" blocks.  For the bottom section, I decided to play fast and loose with the design and make eight "Old Italian" blocks for the finish.
Two of the blocks are unique and  different from the other six.  Some of you are quilters and will see it pretty quickly. I decided that I would use the mantra "Finished is better than Perfect." Because seriously, when have I ever made a perfect quilt - or anything for that matter?  Perfectly Imperfect is my style and I am happy that way.
I used several hand dyed fabrics in these blocks.  You may notice that the blocks are a "Night and Day" type in that they are made two at a time so you have the same colors in opposite places.  I used only two batik fabrics with the dyed fabrics.  Three of the fabrics are ones that I dyed.  The other two are hand-dyed by Vicki Welsh.  I love Vicki's fabrics. The two that she dyed are the dark turquoise and the medium purple with bits of blue in it (center and lower right blocks.)
My dyed fabrics are from the last dyeing that I did with "old" dye solution that came out paler than expected.  They made great semi-neutrals for these blocks.  Now I see that I need to purposefully dye some lighter toned fabrics.   That "failure" in dyeing was actually a great success!
Now, I need to piece the last two sections of this quilt and quilt those sections. The rest is quilted in large chunks already.  Once these two are done, I can join it all, bind it and {DAH da DAH duh} have a finished quilt.
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Joyce Carter said...

It is really nice when you can finish up an old project.
I really love the fabrics you are using, but I don't recognize this pattern. Is it more of a modern one? I am more into traditional patterns so I thought that might be why I haven't seen it before.
Your hand-dyed fabrics always look so beautiful.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Love your blocks - reminds me that I made some, too - around the same time you made yours - and that was over two years ago?!?! - really?!?! My, how time flies - ;))

Barbara said...

Your dyed fabrics have lasted a long time! Looking forward to the end result.

Jeanna said...

Beautiful blocks, Gene. I love the perfectly Imperfect style...

Can't wait to see the finish. Hopefully, you will keep this one for yourself.