Friday, June 02, 2017

Samples and Squishy Mail

My latest project is making some samples and planning for a class I am teaching in August.  The class is for weavers to learn to use scraps of handwoven cloth along with other fabrics to make patchwork items.  The class will show how to make a pillow, but the skills will be perfect for so many other items. I am truly excited to have this opportunity.   I have made a couple of sample pillows.
Four-patch on the left, "kinda" log cabin on the right.
The juxtaposition of handwoven and quilting fabrics makes my heart sing.  Plus, the leftover pieces are useful this way. It is a new artform for me.   The class is limited to eight students due to space and time considerations.  I want everyone to walk out happy and confident.
There are sample pieces in progress but I didn't take photos of them. (sorry.)

The mailbox had a wonderful squishy package in it today.  When blogger and fabric dyer extraordinaire, Vicki Welsh (Colorways by Vicki Welsh) went on vacation, she had a weeklong giveaway.  Since I love her fabrics, I entered every day.
Surprise (or not) - I won from an entry on the 3rd day.  The theme that day was "Purples."  There are "scraps" of purple fabrics and an ice-dyed kitchen towel.   That towel is huge.  Perhaps I will cut it in half and have two for my kitchen.  Here it is draped over my computer/office chair.
The top is over the back of  the chair and the bottom is over the entire seat.

The "scraps" are lovely pieces of hand dyed fabrics.
Picture "borrowed" from Vicki's blog
That is the towel at the bottom.
Here are my photos - (not as good as her photo - hence the borrowed one)

I call them "chunks" of fabric.  These will be amazing for art quilts or whatever they become.
And then there are these pieces that appear to be excess from die-cut quilt blocks.
There will be piecing fun with these for sure.  Maybe a piece or two will end up in one of my pillows!
I do love a squishy envelope in the mail.  Thank you, Vicki.

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Royce said...

I'm really liking that kind of log cabin - very nice texture and colors - it's yummy

Vicki W said...

Have fun with the fabrics! I know you willmdo magical things with them. I love the pillows using your woven scraps!

Debbie said...

Oh, wow, I think your design class will be great. To mix the textures and colors is a good learning process. Your pillows turned out wonderful. Enjoy the fabrics:)

Jeanna said...

Those purples are lovely. Congrats on the win!

Marlene said...

Beautiful colours! You have such luck at winning these giveaways. I really must starting entering occasionally.