Saturday, June 17, 2017

Table Topper Kit

Part of the day Friday was spent helping a friend with a loom that is new to her. I confess that it was new to me also.  This was a tapestry type loom and I had never warped one of those before. Long story short - we got it warped and I help her get started weaving on it.

As we were packing up to leave, she handed me a gift.  It is a kit that she put together for a table topper.
All of the pieces were pre-cut and all I needed to do was sit down and sew!  Of course it took a bit of time to arrange the colors.  But then I sewed it quickly. 
I am still not sure about my layout, but I think it looks great.  
I am planning to layer, quilt and bind it before the muse runs off again.   Then I am planning to make my own kit and make another one.  It was surprisingly easy to construct once I got going.  

And now - back to the work FUN-room. 
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Debbie said...

How wonderful.....and the topper looks great. It is your runner, so chose the layout you like !

Barb said...

Awesome kit.....

Joyce Carter said...

I think your topper looks great Gene. I love the layout and the colors.

(I am glad I found you--again. My computer broke so I got a new laptop, but I kept having problems with it. My grandson told me to download Google Chrome. I did and thought I had everything set up, but I missed some of the blogs that I followed. I thought they were taking a break. Then one day I tried the other sight and there ya'll were. Hopefully now I have everything back. It is good talking to you again.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

I like the colors in the topper. Isn't it nice when you get into your flow !~!