Saturday, July 15, 2017

It Wasn't Beginner's Luck

When I can repeat something for not only the second time but also for the third time, I am sure that Thursday's block wasn't just a fluke or beginner's luck.  Yesterday I pulled out some spare layer cake blocks and made another pineapple block.  Today, Saturday,  I used some 2 1/2" strips and some yardage to make another one.  This block is actually fun to make.
For today's block, I cut some 1 1/2" strips of Kona Snow and sub-cut some 2 1/2" strips. Some of the strips I cut in half for 1 /14" strips and the others I cut a 1 1/2" strip and a "waste" 1" strip. (scrap for string piecing maybe?)

Here are the two blocks
You may notice that the center in one is square with the edges and the other is on point.  After making the batik block I noticed that it was different than the first one I made.  The difference is in the number of rounds made before adding the corners.
Another thing you may notice is the difference in contrasts.  The "light" fabric on the batik reads as a light medium and the red reads as a medium so the contrast is poor. It is still a nice block but it isn't as eye catching because of it.   On the other one I used a yellow/white floral for one round of white and for the corners. It does change the design a bit, but the yellow contrasts well with both the red, blue and snow.  So it adds a bit more to the design while keeping the graphic POP that makes a pineapple block so appealing.

It is simply too hot here in my area of Alabama to do much so I am taking the rest of the day as a "lazy" day.  I have some books on my Kindle that will pass the day nicely.
Have a great weekend.
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Barbara said...

Wow, so many variations of the same block determined by position and fabric. I love them both! Very uncomfortably hot and humid in NJ as well. We could have gone out and meandered about, but ended up staying in. "The Crown" on Netflix has taken some of my time. Excellent!

Joyce Carter said...

Well! I finally got here. My computer hasn't let me comment for some reason.
I am really loving those Pineapple blocks. Even though they are very different, I think they go together well. I also loved the fabric you dyed. The colors are so pretty. They might not be the color you were aiming for, but they will be wonderful to use just the same.
The quilt you made was beautiful. I hope you got everything worked out okay. I think quilters are very resourceful.They can usually come up with something to make things work. I googled that pattern and found out it is very old. It came out in the late 1800's. They showed one quilt made from calicoes.It looked very different from yours.
It is HOT,HOT,HOT here too.It is in the 90's most days, but we have been having some showers most days and that cools it down some.

Rhonda said...

Love your pineapple blocks. It's fun to play with color choices and yes, when you can stitch up the same block over time you are batting a thousand.
It's hot here as well however we just received a big rain storm. So it cooled off only to become very steamy......sigh!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Looks like you found your "zone" - very nice!! - ;))

ShirleyC said...

They're both very pretty, but my eye goes to the one on the right! I love the contrasts.

Marlene said...

Interesting how the value of the colour makes such a difference to the impact of the block. With my personal taste for high contrast and bold colour the one on the right is my favourite of course. They are both pretty though.

Jeanna said...

You are creating some very nice pineapple blocks. Do you have a plan for them yet?

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

What an interesting experiment! Both blocks are lovely in their own way.