Friday, July 07, 2017

Joining Up

After  a nice holiday break,  I am getting the quilt pieces joined together.   Half of the quilt is joined and it looks great.
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The parts that I made with hand-dyed fabrics are some of my favorites.  I will certainly use more hand-dyed fabric  in future quilts.  It just adds a nice bit of depth and visual texture to the quilt when it is used. 

At this point, I am wondering if I should tell you that I have made a huge mistake.  Yes, I did.  I have run out of the white fabric that I used for the sashing and I need it for the joining strips. By matching the joining strips to the sashing, they are disguised a bit.  I try to match the strips on the back also, but with this one, that just won't be possible. Each section on the back is a different fabric. There are eight  sections -so that is eight fabrics.  I wasn't thinking ahead when I used the last of the particular fabric in stash for several of them. So the back will have some variation in the other half and particularly in the strip that will join the middle bit.  That bit will cross four sections. If I can piece it just right -and if I can find enough of the backing fabrics to make it work - I may hide that  center joining on the back. But it isn't likely.   No worries!  It will simply look like a thin sashing strip.  These things happen when a quilt has been in the UFO stack for over two years.  😊

I have ordered more white fabric that I will use for the front - and as a bonus, I can dye what is left over.  

The moral of the story?  If you have a UFO- put the rest of the fabric needed in a special place and MARK which UFO it is for.  (But I probably won't remember that one myself.) 
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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

LOVE it so far! I'm sure that the back will look like you planned it that way all along - "design elements" seem to be very forgiving that way. And I learned that lesson years ago - because I tend to switch between projects frequently - I got in the habit of packing EVERYTHING for a particular project all together in its own plastic tub - with an index card label on the end. That way I had the pattern/sketch - all of the blocks - the extra yardage for binding - and the scraps for my scrap card/"heart" (for my scrapbook) and the label - when I finally got around to that part. You wouldn't believe the pile of scraps I have now that I have been "finishing" up some Sudoku quilts and other stuff - ;))

Barbara said...


Rhonda said...

Looks great. As for saving fabric from a UFO and not using it anywhere else....I have never been able to do that.......sigh!!

Kathleen said...

This looks beautiful Gene. Your quilting in each block is fabulous!!

Debbie said...

Those mistakes become design opportunities! Love how you are going to make it work. Believe it was planned this way ---to push you :)

Jeanna said...

This quilt is looking really nice, I love the colors. I am confident that you will find a way to turn that mistake into a non-issue. Thanks for the tip, I'm sure I have plenty of fabric that has been separated from its UFO.