Saturday, July 22, 2017

More Sun Print Results

While the weather is so hot, sunny and almost intolerable, I am making prints while the sun shines.  I love the experimental nature of this artistic process.   It is fun to use stencils, fabric folding/wrinkling, and objects as masks.


Folded and Wrinkled 

Stencils and objects as masks

Objects as masks. Also plastic canvas as a mask
In the last one, I used some colored wooden shapes.  Some of the color leached into the print.  I love the effect.  I hope it doesn't wash out.
These will not be washed until they have set for at least a week to ten days.  Even though I am heat setting them with my iron, I will give them the "passive" time to set also.

The plastic grid is designed for a type of needlepoint, I think.  Originally it went into my painting supplies as a grid to spray paint through in art painting.  As I was digging for texture materials to use with sun printing, I found this package.
There are several sheets in it.  After seeing how well the circle grid printed in my previous session, I wanted to experiment with it.
Today I have two more pieces basking the brilliant Alabama sunshine. One of them is largely covered with grid... but what if..... (those are magic words when you are being creative, you know.)
What if I put objects on top of the grid as a mask?
Later today, I will know.
I also cut a mask from a styrofoam plate, using an exacto knife.  My blade is a bit dull - so if this works, I will need to add exacto blades to my shopping list.

There are other objects around to mask also.  This photo shows that it was already working. Notice the lighter areas around those lower pieces?
For this I had two strips that I cut off the larger piece, so I placed them side by side and used them as one.  It is all a grand experiment - so why not?

I love playing with color and fabrics.  What are you playing with these days that is making you smile?
I am smiling every time I see these.

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Barbara said...

Oh boy, you are having way too much fun, Gene! You know I love surprises, but playing is still in my brain as I wait out my hand use coming back. I especially love the folded and wrinkled look, but all the others are a very close second!

Debbie said...

only limits are the imagination. Sun prints are fun.

Jeanna said...

Looks like an enjoyable project to play with, Gene.

Vicki W said...

It's addictive, isn't it?

Tangos Treasures said...

Very cool!!

kathyinozarks said...

this was one of my most fun ways to dye-thanks for the reminder-yours all look awesome