Saturday, July 29, 2017

Piecing Wildly (and Wonkily)

Precision piecing?  Most of you know that it is not my strong suit or my style. "Let's just see what happens!" is more my style.
I have a Kaleidoscope ruler that I got a few years ago when I was still trying to do precision piecing. I thought it would be fun to make a kaleidoscope block with hand dyed fabrics.  My plan was to strip pieces and cut from the strip set.  But I decided to make a "simple" one first.
Yes you are seeing correctly - the points are a bit of a mess.  I even pressed the seams open thinking it would be more precise.  Oops.
So I decided to just play.  I had four pieces left from cutting off the "waste" when cutting the triangles. So I sewed them all together.  Then I used that as the center of a log cabin type block.

True confession: I am that quilter who has never made a log cabin block - or if I did I don't remember it.

My usual wonky style prevailed. I ran out of dark strips that were long enough so I pieced one.  Okay, there was more fabric but I didn't want to get up from the machine.

As I started the block above, I realized that making two would allow me to chain piece them.  On alternate strips, I pieced this one.
It is a bit more traditional - but still wonky - and I used a square of a dark for the center. Don't judge me - it was play time.

The kaleidoscope was supposed to come out to nine inches. Too late, I realized that it was nine inches finished.  That is why the outside edges look chopped off - they are.  I needed nine inches that finish at  eight and a half inches.

These will all go into the quilt that I am planning to make with the pineapple blocks.  It will be decidedly scrappy and a bit crazy and completely imperfect.  I am sure I will love it.

Several of you asked me to report back when I use the bamboo batting that I got from Fat Quarter Shop.  If any of my readers gets to try it before I do, please report back to me.  I know that it feels delightful right out of the package.  I love bamboo and cotton together in my weaving, so I thinkI love this just as much. Since they are both plant fibers, and the bamboo is a longer staple fiber, I think it will possibly be better than just cotton.  Bamboo is considered a luxury fiber and is very eco-friendly.  Fabric made with bamboo has a beautiful drape and is soft to the touch. Bamboo is also a breathable fiber similar to cotton.

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Debbie said...

lol.....don't worry about precise or perfect with me. Most non-quilters would never notice otherwise. your blocks look fun and that is what really counts. Be yourself always.

Linda C said...

there is a bamboo patch taking over a property near me. I wish someone would chop it all down and make batting or cloth out of it! LOL

Keep on piecing the way you do, Gene. Good things come of it for you. I'll stick with attempting precision but hey, that's me. Who knows--I may come around to your way of thinking providing I make it into the sewing room in the first place! LOL

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Love your wonky pieces!! Precise and perfect are nice - but not very realistic in my world. As much as I try - I usually get "close" and that winds up having to be "good enough". "Wonky" is more my style lately - it's more relaxed and a whole lot more FUN - ;))

Rhonda said...

Very nice experimenting. Two thumbs up!!! Wonky is my middle name.

Jeanna said...

I like the colors you are using in the new blocks and look forward to seeing them with the pineapple blocks in a quilt.