Tuesday, July 18, 2017

SideStep - Sun Printing

As you may know, I am fascinated with fabric dyeing and embellishment.  My friend Vicki - Colorways By Vicki Welsh - has a tutorial on her site about SunPrinting fabric.  This is done with textile paints, texturing materials, and of course, the hot sun.  Since we are due to hit 90 F today - or higher - with little chance of rain, it looked like the perfect time to try it.

I mixed my paints in glass jars that I have saved - a carry over from my art supplies.  I used used three colors of Jacquard Lumiere paint in blue, purple and green.  I also used one Golden Liquid acrylic in Quinacridone Magenta (again from my art supply stash.)

Here are my pieces out in the sun with the texture materials on top of them to create shapes - hopefully.
This one has various texturing materials including: elbow pasta, glass floral thingies (that is the technical name. ha ha) wooden cutouts and some single hole button things along with a plastic grid and a medicine bottle cap. 

Stencils, glass floral things, pasta and buttons

This one has just a stencil and pasta.
I am really curious to see how/if it works using these paints. It should, but I wonder if it was wet enough.  I am also wondering if the glass things will work since they are transparent.  Time will tell.
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Jeanna said...

This is an interesting experiment. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Barbara said...

Exciting! Waiting for a surprise!