Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sun Print Results- and a Pineapple

The sun printing was pretty much a success.  The process pictures were in the previous post.  After the hot July sun had baked the paint into the fabrics and they were fully dry, I removed the texturing materials.  The pasta wanted to stick a bit but everything else was very easy to remove.  Note to self: Have containers ready to put all the bits in when you remove them from the fabric.
I was very happy to see that everything printed pretty well, even the transparent pieces.  So here are the results.

This fleur-de-lis stencil printed amazingly well. You can see the pasta around the edges of the fabric also.
These two stencils also printed with a delightful clarity. The glass stones, pasta, and buttons printed nicely too.
The colors on this piece didn't bleed into each other as well as I wanted, but everthing on it printed well. Just look at the plastic grid.
But the back side of the piece is better in my opinion.
The colors are a bit softer and you can still see the grid nicely.

I also added a surprise piece.  It was a surprise to me too.  While the others were out getting sun-baked, I took another piece of fabric and wet it, then I poured two colors of paint on it and rubbed it around with gloved hands.  I folded it, twisted it a bit and placed it on a bush to dry. (I didn't have another board ready - so I improvised.)  Here is that result.
Front. And yes that is silver sparkle on the fabric.
Same piece different orientation. Shown from the back.
I have a book called "Transforming Fabric" that says that you can sunprint the wrinkles in fabric. I had to try it - and I love it.  Of course as I was heat setting it, I kept trying to iron one of the wrinkles out - but it is just the color and not a real wrinkle. I would say that particular wrinkle sun printed perfectly.

So you can see why I say it was a success. The multi-colored piece with the grid is a bit stiff to the touch so I don't think I will use it for a bed quilt. But the hand is nice on all of the rest.
Will I repeat this?  I am sure I will.  I don't think I will use the Lumiere paints for it. They tend to leave a "glitter" on my hands. I am afraid that will rub off on things as it is used.

The Golden Liquid Acrylic artist paint did amazingly well. I have many colors in that paint.  I will eventually add a few Dye-na-flow paints to my tool box for this.

Now the pineapple.   I tried the "canned pineapple" again.  This time I made the rectangle 3" by 4" - last time it was 3" by 5".  I also used two widths of colored strips.  Once again the process was "interesting."
You will notice that I ended with white corners even though the strips that radiate to the corners are the colored strips.  The truth is - the white was right there so I used it.  I think I am working toward making a "Pineapple Surprise" quilt. Now what else do can I do to mix up the pineapple block?   Ha ha, wait and see what I come up with. For now it is a mystery to me also.
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Debbie said...

I enjoyed the sun printing that I tried. It was always a surprise to see the different effects. I love the softer muted pieces too.

Rhonda said...

I am fascinated with the sun painting. I love your results.
When you finish your pineapple experiment, I'm sure the quilt will be amazing.

Vicki W said...

Your sun printing worked great!

Jeanna said...

You definitely had success with your sun printing project. I love the way the transparent stones created sort of a water drop look.

Another nice pineapple block, you are on a roll with those.

Marlene said...

How fun!

Those photos remind me of a section of sidewalk I crossed today. I guess it must have been poured on a rainy day and then covered with plastic to protect it. The discolouration of the cement looks just like the fabric you dyed -- well, in shades of grey anyway!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Your sun printing results were definitely a success! I wondered how the glass stones would affect the experiment - and really like the "wrinkled" one.

Mixing up the "pineapple" block looks like fun. I thought that changing the center square to a rectangle would result in a rectangle block - but I like how you were able to keep it square. What if - you started with a triangle or a pentagon or a hexagon - could you still keep it square?? - ;))

Barbara said...

My favorite is the bush-dried purple. Very cool experiments!

Connie Turner said...

Do you see the face in the Fleur de lil?

allthingzsewn said...

You got my attention, Gotta try this sometime. The glass stones reminds me of the alcohol painting technique. This would be a neat method to use on art dolls.

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Love this! I'm not into fabric dying and painting myself because I just can't deal with the potential mess. But watching you do it and seeing these lovely results sure is tempting! Thank you fro linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.