Friday, July 28, 2017

This and That Friday

In Alabama this past week, it has been hot every day.  The daily high has been in the mid 90s (Fahrenheit) for more than a week.  I haven't been overly motivated to create as much this week.  But I have played with a few things.

My loom for weaving is a two harness loom. This means that using the loom as designed creates a very even surfaced cloth.  I would like to weave some kitchen towels - and they are usually woven with texture added - on a loom with at least four harnesses.   I decided to play with some  string heddles to make a third shaft for my loom. I did this on threads that were already on one of the other two shafts. It is a bit "fiddly" but it works.
As you can see, I didn't do it all across the warp, but just in a few places as this was an experiment.  I hope you can see the texture that was created in those areas.  It made me happy.

I also saw that the Fat Quarter Shop has a new batting line.
Happy Cloud Quilt Batting by Fat Quarter Shop
There are several choices: All Cotton, Cotton Poly blends in 80/20 and 50/50,  Wool, and Bamboo/Cotton blend.

I have never used a Bamboo/Cotton batting, so I had to have one.  I also ordered the 24 Hour flash sale deal.
Here is the batting I received. I almost always order queen sized battings and this time was no different.
I haven't used it yet, but I did split the plastic to feel it. Ooooh, it has a very soft and lovely hand.   I am thinking that this will make a wonderful quilt.  The package says that it is naturally anti-bacterial and eco-friendly.  That is also a great plus.
Then, in the box underneath it was this:
Yes! When I saw that the Flash Sale was Batik squares I could not resist.  Plus the price was amazing! Tip of the day - when shopping at the Fat Quarter Shop, always check the Flash Sale.

Until next time - remember to change the needle in your machine regularly so you can sew sharp.

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Bonnie said...

Thanks for a heads up on the new batting. I'm always up to try a new batting. Love your Tonga treat!

Debbie said...

Let us know what you thing about the batting. Love your weaving as always.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Love your experiment results - so clever of you to rig up something like that. Let us know how the bamboo/cotton batting works out - I haven't tried that one yet. And your Tonga treat looks yummy - does it have a name for the fabric/color selection? - ;))

Marie said...

Hi Gene, always love to see what your weaving. Please let us know how you like that batting. Hugs, Marie

Barbara said...

Oh boy, I'm tempted even though it will be some time before I can really sew again. Batiks are,wonderful just to own and hold. Bamboo/cotton must be a wonderful blend! No surprise you are playing at weaving. You are happiest when playing, like an Imaginative kid at heart!

Marlene said...

Have you tried wet finishing the towel fabric yet Gene? I'm curious to see how it finishes since some sort of Saori type kitchen towel is on my list of things to try some day. I may invest in some boucle first though as that might be another way to get the desired texture.

Jeanna said...

The bamboo batting looks very interesting. You also hit the jackpot with the Flash Sale. I love working with batiks.