Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Trapped Pineapple and an EQ Tip

I am still playing with Pineapple blocks in my spare time.  I decided to use a trapezoid shape for the center this time.  Again the edges started to converge after are few rounds so I just trimmed as best I could and made it work.
The edges converging also led to the extra strip on the bottom to make it size correctly.  I think it is a fun scrappy "pineapple type" block.

For those of you who use Electric Quilt,  the Behind the Mouse blog is a great resource.  Today's Quick Tip Tuesday post is on setting your snapping options when you design a block.   This was a great "tip/lesson" for me.  I now understand how to get my blocks to be more exactly what I want.

Until next time,  keep your bobbins filled and your machine cleaned out!

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Jeanna said...

Love this one, Gene. Thanks for the EQ resource. I haven't even loaded my software yet but I plan to get to it this fall.

Your last line made me LOL!

Linda C said...

It is amazing what we do --and don't--know about the quilt software. Even a beginning lesson can teach you a new trick or remind you of some forgotten quick trick. Love your scrappy, inventive pineapples.

Barbara said...

Love this wonky block!!!!!

Debbie said...

wonderful wonky block! Just shows how creative you can it!