Saturday, August 26, 2017

Block Play

While I am awaiting labels to add to the notebook covers I will be making for our church Holiday Faire,  I am making pieces to use in the covers. 

Some batiks and hand-dyed fabrics and maybe a print or two and these were made.
Once I am assembling the covers these will be used on the fronts of notebooks.  They will be bordered with other fabrics. 
I also found these two heart blocks as I was gathering materials.
So setting corners were added to make these two cover blocks of tilted hearts. 
Since I work rather intuitively, making decisions as I go, there is often what I call "my creative mess."
But aren't those colors lovely together?

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that Craftsy is having a class sale this weekend.
Over 50 classes are on sale for $15.  Many others are priced at $19.99.  
For example, Playing with Curves taught by Ann Petersen is only $14.99. I used her curved piecing technique for the curves/hills & Valleys in one of the blocks in the top photo. 
These are affiliate links meaning that you get the best price offered while I get a small stipend as a bonus.  Your price is completely unaffected by using my link. 
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Barbara said...

I love your covers, Gene! I especially like the ones with woven fabric, they are so original. I would love to go to your church Holiday Faire, I'd buy at least one! :)

Barbara said...

On second thought, that one would be for me! But I'd buy more for gifts. :) I guess it won't happen though. AL is a bit too far from NJ. :(

Jeanna said...

I always enjoy the beautiful colors in your projects. The hearts are fun.

Barb said...

I often have a creative mess