Monday, August 21, 2017

The Eclipse, Vote for Me - and a project

Today was the day - eclipse 2017.   As I was in the path of 95% totality (approx.)  it was on my bucket list to see as much of the eclipse as I could.  Cha-Ching!
Here is what happened:
I made a pinhole viewer by punching a hole in cardstock.  I tried it - ugh!  there were "artifacts" from the cardboard in the projection. So I made a bigger hole in some matboard and taped a curtain rod holder with one of the holes over the hole in the cardboard.
First look:
You can see the beginning of the eclipse here.
Oh, the viewer?
Fancy huh?
Here are some other photos -just so you know, it is hard to take a photo while you are holding the viewer to make the projection.

At one point this big old mean cloud covered the sun and blocked my view. (Disclaimer - I took the photo "blindly" by roughly aiming the camera without looking. Hey, it worked!)
I went inside and pouted until I saw sun on a building to my north. Then I went back out and watched some more with my pinhole viewer.  (Another disclaimer:  I know I am a geeky science nerd.)

And I am telling you that voting is open on the Pets on Quilts competition.  My quilt is registered as Pet Themed Quilt #4 Cat and Butterfly  Vote here
Also I did actually do some sewing/quilting.
I made this quilted cover for a composition book.  I plan to make some various designs for a sale in November. This was my "test the size" sample - and it is less than perfect - so I will keep it.  It did help me to perfect what I will be doing, so that is a big plus.
Yes I did use some of my hand dyed fabric for it. 

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Jeanna said...

Great job on your viewer.

I'll be voting for your quilt, Gene.

Love the notebook cover. Will you be using some of our hand dyed fabric on the ones you are selling in November?

Marlene said...

As you noticed on Facebook I really lucked out and Mother Nature made natural "pinhole" cameras, hundreds of them, through the shade of trees along my dog walk. I had a peek through my husband's welding helmet about 5 minutes after the largest part of the eclipse here (was 90% here) which was a very clear way to view it. I tried to get a photo through the welding helmet but found that awkward to impossible.

Debbie said...

Good nerds.