Saturday, September 02, 2017

Working on Notebook Covers

The local community theatre production of "Young Frankenstein" is still my main creative thrust for a while. Actually until October 1st - the day of the last performance.  Two minor character parts have been assigned to me in addition to being one of the ensemble/chorus players.  This has me very excited.  The cast and chorus sounded amazing even in early rehearsals. (jumping up and down -because I am a part of that!)

Meanwhile, I am working on some notebook covers for the November Holiday Faire at my church. I have one completed, but I am waiting to receive labels to put into the rest of them.  So I have completed one front cover using hand dyed fabrics and some handwoven fabric. It won't be assembled until I can add in the label.
This one is quilted and ready to assemble.
I have also been taking some of the horse embroideries that I digitized and adding to them to create covers.  So far I have only been piecing them.  Here is the bronco - as it was dubbed by a friend.
Interestingly, the friend said "The bronco was our mascot and our colors were green and white.

I also had this one that got setting corners and borders.

The setting triangles on this one are from my sun-printed fabric. There is a bit of "sparkle" on that from the paint used for the printing.

These notebook covers will be great fun.  I am hoping that they all sell. 😃 If not, family may get them for Christmas.
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Barbara said...

Beautiful cover, want!!!!!

Debbie said...

The covers look great.....especially noticed the feather quilting. You have practiced and improved a lot!! And best of luck and fun with the stage are busy!

Royce said...

Wow I love Young Frankenstine! I bet it's so exciting to be part of something like that.
The notebook covers are way cool, love your fabric choices too. I also have 2 sales at
Churches this fall. I've done both before and really do one of them just cause it's so fun and
several friends are there. That have one heck of a bake sale too.

Barb said...

awesome covers.....