Sunday, October 08, 2017

Another One - This Time with Orange

After making the oatmeal/mug mat for my friend, I decided to make another one.  Just to push myself a bit, I decided to pick "orange" as the main color. What I discovered is that while I have a few fabric pieces in orange, I have only a few values of color in orange. So I had to add some red, yellow and blue - and maybe one bit of green.

After I finished piecing without thinking too much, this is what I ended with.

 But which end is up?  I originally intended for the red to be the bottom ,  but I like it at the top also.


The blue could be at the bottom also as it is the darkest color and therefore carries more visual weight. 

So feel free to chime in and give reasons if possible. I like it that way is a perfectly valid reason. Still, I would prefer that you expound on your answer.  (Gee, did that sound like a high school teacher?) 
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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I like the red on the LEFT - and I don't know why exactly - but having the dark blue on the bottom as sort of an "anchor" color automatically puts the red on the LEFT - and that suits me just fine - ;))

Barb said...

I really don't have a response for you, I like them all but I think the red give more definition...guess I do have a response....go figure.

Barbara said...

I like B the most! The Backstreet Boys song does come to mind...“I Want It That Way”. I think because of the sharp bolt of whatever (lightening?) which seems to be shooting down from above into the front yard of the angular house with a Curley-q chimney, blue window, and brownish soil with things growing in it. Did I really see all that?!

Rhonda said...

I like the red on top. The blue looks like a line drawing the end or highlighting everything. I maybe rambling a bit ;-}