Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Weaving Scarves

After finishing the cloth that was on my loom, I decided to make some scarves.  Specifically,  I wanted to make some light airy scarves that would be suitable for all year wear.   Here in Alabama, the "warm scarf" season can be short.
After putting enough warp on my loom to weave three scarves, I started weaving.  I soon realized that I didn't particularly care for the bright yellow thread that I had put in the warp.  {Warp: threads that run lengthwise throughout a piece of fabric.}  But I kept weaving.
The first scarf was woven with shades of red fibers. Most of the fiber in these scarves is synthetic as I used a lot of novelty yarn to add a lacy delicateness to the finished product.  But the yellow and some of the red that I wove into the first scarf was cotton. 

The second scarf was woven in all black yarn/thread.  And the third was woven with a novelty yarn that is a shiny red/green/gold variegated thread.

Here are the three hanging outside on my makeshift clothesline that I mainly use for drying my cotton rugs.
You may notice that the one on the right is decidedly different. Here is the secret.  While I was still weaving the second scarf, I wrapped a small skein of the yellow thread that is in the warp.  What color it would be if I dyed it with red dye? I was seriously thinking orange.  But wonder of wonders, it turned this glorious shade of red.
So, while weaving the third scarf, I placed the first one (woven with red) into a red dye bath.  I love the result and am considering dyeing the scarf woven with black in red also.  OR I could do another sample of the yellow and see what a different color might do. I am considering purple- but since it is the complement of yellow, it could turn an ugly muddy color.  Still, it is all a grand experiment. Right?
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Barbara said...

I like the contrast of the yellow, but then there is that glorious red. How you got there is interesting, but my head hurts from all your thinking!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

RIGHT!! - I love your experiments - they always produce such wonderful results - ;))

Marlene said...

I like all three of them. This area is not one for heavy scarves either. Depending on the winter sometimes a winter coat is not even necessary.

Debbie said...

Super love the scarves....all of them. They look open enough to enjoy in our warmer winters! Your play time and experiments are always fun to see.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

I like them all, especially the black one as is. Such a versatile color combo to go with lots of outfits! The red over-dyed one turned out great, too.