Sunday, January 28, 2018

Life and Other Fantastic Things

This past week was quite busy with many things - but no sewing.  I played a bit more with the faux rocks for artwork - but at this point I have no pictures of them.

So, what did my week consist of that kept me so busy?  Monday I had company and enjoyed time with them.
Tuesday, I shopped for a few new art materials - and honestly did a bit of goofing off before I settled in and did the laundry.  I did buy some art materials, such as the "water putty" for making the rocks and some copper wire that I haven't played with just yet.
Tuesday night, I did volunteer usher duty for the local Performing Arts Center.  The National Tour of The Sound of Music was the show.  It was a wonderful production with a live orchestra.  I was able to stay for the first fifteen minutes or so, but I needed to get home so I didn't see it all.

Wednesday, I opened the water putty and made the first of the faux rocks.  Then, once dry, I painted them.  I also did chores such as getting groceries for Mom and filling up her medicine containers for the week. I filled my own medicine container also.

Thursday - Mom had a medical appointment -and got a new prescription. I spent most of the day with Mom.

Friday was a nice day - I did more volunteer usher duty for a performance of "Moon Mouse" by Lightwire Theater.  This company performed on America's Got Talent also.  The show I worked was a school performance - so imagine a theater full of mostly children -kindergarten to fifth grade- with teachers and a few parents.  I think everyone enjoyed the show-- I know I did.

Since a blog post needs a photo here are a couple of my art pieces from past years.
Forbidden Crossing
Acrylic on Canvas
Blue Fall Reflections
Acrylic on Watercolor Paper
Glorious Red
Watercolor on Paper
Until next time, peace!

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Busy little bee - you are - ;))

ShirleyC said...

Those are lovely, Gene!

I wish I had more time for sewing. Hopefully before too long. My husband is recovering from a major heart attack in December.

allthingzsewn said...

The Blue Fall Reflections is a verbal piece to me, while I can still appreciate the other two.
I want to see the rocks, and what are they for?

Jeanna said...

It is good to be busy. Doesn't the time seem to just fly by?

Your artwork is lovely, Gene. I still have the card you included when you sent my "Auburn" scarf.

Marlene said...

I love your paintings. If I had painted something as beautiful as "Blue Fall Reflections" I don't think I could have ever sold it. It's amazing.