Thursday, January 25, 2018

Rock Collection?

I have a nice little collection now of these rocks.
You may be wondering where I found this interestingly colorful rocks.  But the fact is that I created them. 
I have been taking the class New Approaches to Mixed Media Materials on Craftsy.  In the class we learned to make rocks to use in mixed media artwork.  There are three very nice things about making your own rocks. 
*1.  They are lightweight
*2.  The back is flat - making it easy to attach to the artwork
*3. You can design the colors to go with your artwork.

Currently I don't have artwork started to use these on - but I have the paints that I used separated out so that when I paint the art, these are ready to add.

We also learned to make acrylic skins for use in art. I had learned this before but honestly could not see how I would use it in an actual piece of art.  The class instructor, Carol Nelson, showed examples and explained it. (yaaay!) So I made this skin and while making it, I dipped a real rock into the skin so that it matches.
The play of color and fine lines in this are delightful. I am sure I will be making more skins for artwork.  Here is a close-up of the rock.
Seriously this looks like it could be wire-wrapped and used as a piece of jewelry.

I am taking this class on my Craftsy Unlimited plan.  For me it is an amazing deal.  I get to watch as many classes (or any part of a class) as often as I want. Right now they are still offering a seven day free trial on the Unlimited plan.

As you know, I am a Craftsy affiliate so if you click on one of these links, I get paid, but you still get the same great price. So we both win. 
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Debbie said...

How cool, Gene. You try the most unusual things that are just great. Your rocks remind me of what my daughter uses in her jewelry making....fordite....when she finds it. Fordite is not a mineral but layers of paint from the autos painted in the Ford plant. The workers would carve off hunk of the paint that accumulated on the walls and surfaces when car parts were sprayed. It's a Detroit thing:)

diane said...

Thanks for sharing your class Gene, it sounds interesting and fun. Might have to look into it even though I haven't really got into the art quilts much. Even if I don't get into the art stuff it would be just fun to mess around with!