Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Starting the New Year

To start the new year, I went to a friend's studio and spent the day weaving with many other weaving enthusiasts.  Here is a photo - taken by the "official" event photographer - of my weaving in progress.
The warp I am working on is still the "colorful warp" from my last post.  There is a rumor that I managed to weave more than a yard on this piece that day.  There is only one reason that is odd. With a room full of people you don't see often, lots of time is spent visiting, sharing ideas and techniques - and of course just talking.

Last year on January first, I was weaving on this one:
I hope your year is happy and full of wonderful color!  I know mine will be full of color. (((grin)))
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Jeanna said...

Love it! Hmmm...must be nice to have an official event photographer always at the ready :)

The yarn store a couple of towns over has started offering weaving classes. Looks like they are always.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

This year's colorful warp is my favorite so far!! It's so bright and cheerful and seems to "go with" whatever you add to it. What a wonderful way to start the New Year on the "correct" foot - ;))

Marlene said...

Interesting that you started this year and last with a colourful warp. I'm really fond of the large blocks of bright colour on last year's weaving. What became of it?

allthingzsewn said...

I'm with Marlene with this one, I love the bright distinct colors for last years. Odd really because everything I'm making is in pastels lately. What is type of yarn the last years made?
Heres wishing you a great New Year.

Lynette said...

This year's is so pretty! Funny I read of you talking about colorfulness, as I just spent a couple hours piecing the vibrant rainbow colors in my "Listen With Your Eyes" diamond stars.