Monday, February 19, 2018

Playing in the Dye Buckets

This morning I had an urge to put some fabric in dye and just PLAY with it.  Mixing up two different purple hues and one golden yellow, I started to play.  The fabrics gathered are white quilting cotton, a cotton dishtowel and a t-shirt that had previously been dyed just a bit.  The t-shirt was pale, so I wanted to "up the intensity" on it.

All three colors were used on every piece of fabric.  Of course colors do run and blend in the dye bath so some interesting variations occur.   Two purples was probably not the best plan, but that is what the muse wanted. 😊😊

The final fabrics are now in the soak bath that I do to prevent bleeding,  I will change it out at least once this evening.  Tomorrow morning it will be done soaking and I will wash it in the washing machine.  Then there will be a full array of results to see.
For now, here are two photos that I snapped while getting them into the bath.
The red/orange in this is because the dye "broke" or separated
into the colors that it was mixed from. 

In this case the purple and yellow made a rich warm brown.
I love it. 

I am loving the colors that appeared from the dye "breaking" and from the colors bleeding together.

A bit late, but here is a link to the Craftsy Class on Fabric Dyeing. 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

That came out really nice!! Was the dye "breaking" a "happy accident" or can you get it to do that "on purpose"? That question probably tells you how little I know about dying - ;))

Vicki W said...

I love the brown made with gold and purple.

Jeanna said...

Those are going to be some interesting fabrics. I really like the purple and yellow piece.