Saturday, August 11, 2018

Stripping and Stacking Up My Coins

I want you to know that stripping is a lot of work.  Wait, WAIT!  Calm Down! I didn't take my clothes off.  LOL.
I have been tearing the long strips for the coin quilt today.  After an email chat with A Left-Handed Quilter about tearing the strips, I decided to tear the strips instead of having to try to cut on grain for longer strips.  On my own, I decided to use the length of the fabric -not selvage to selvage - for the strips since they would already be longer - so less piecing.  The added bonus is that the lengthwise grain doesn't stretch as it is the "warp" threads of the fabric. (Sorry - geeky weaving reference.)

Also several more groups of coin sections were constructed.

While looking for additional fabrics to add in with the jelly roll strips, I found an abandoned project. I had sewn a "jelly roll race" quilt top and really didn't like it. So I had cut it into 12 1/2" squares. A few of those got cut up and used as parts of the coin sections. Extra bonuses: pre-sewn strips and there are some angled pieces in the mix.

The picture of the strips is not nearly as exciting. But it does show that I used some organizational skills.

The green strips are cut to the correct lengths and are all ready to go.  The two longest gray strips are cut to length and labeled. The other gray strips are just torn and ironed.
Still this is some nice progress on the coin quilt.
Although I don't have a photo, there is also one looo----ooong strip of coins with the gray joining pieces and ends sewn.  Now I can add the long gray and green strip to the side of it Monday and really feel accomplished.

A side note:  When I created the quilt in Electric Quilt 7, I didn't think about the lengths of the strips perhaps needing to be in standard measurements.  I used the ruler tool to guesstimate lengths that I then wrote on my printout of the quilt image. I may think about sizing more carefully in the future. Ha ha.  But as in business math, numbers can be rounded up or down.  Then I can just make it work. I can always trim off bits as necessary.
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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Your "Coins" are coming along nicely - and it makes sense to tear loooooooooong border strips the length of the fabric - no piecing - YAY!! - ;))

Barbara said...

I’m looking forward to the end result! Thi is so my type of a colorful scrappy looking quilt. It feels great to be able to use parts of a project we had once rejected, doesn’t it?

Jeanna said...

So clever and efficient of you to repurpose the jelly roll quilt. I've yet to load my EQ7 and now I have a new laptop on order with a different version of Windows...ugh.

Rhonda said...

LOL love your guesstimation wording and the coins are looking good.

Barb said...

I just might have to do coins with my your way of doing things.