Monday, September 10, 2018

A Win!

Hi folks, have you missed me?  Life has been both busy and fun.  I am working diligently on my Spanish classes and on learning the Ukulele. 

Today I signed up for an online ukulele course that I have been considering for several days.  There are many courses out there, so picking one is difficult. I decided on this one based on what I saw of the free classes on the site.  Many of the learning sites don't let you see anything except and advertisement for the classes.  The Ukulele Way has several classes that you can see with a free membership. (I am not getting compensated for this - but I thought some of you might want to know.) I really like the teacher's method and style of teaching.  Plus there is a community message board so the students can "chat."

Now about that win...
Vicki Welsh, my favorite fabric dyer, had a Farewell to Summer giveaway on her blog. It ran  for a week.  I entered every single day - because there wasn't a single day that the prize didn't make me go "Ooooh, I love that!"  I was lucky enough to win the prize from Day 2 - Autumn Colors.   The link will let you see her photo.  I spread it out a bit more and not nearly as neatly for this photo.
The center piece is a gradient (and there are two of them!) A couple of mottled solid pieces she describes as "bolt ends" (aka - no large enough for her online shop) and a couple that I think are "waste fabrics." The "waste fabrics" are fabric pieces used to catch excess dye when doing gradients.  She doesn't sell them, so winning them is a GREAT prize. These are so pretty and inspiring. 
Now I will ask you to give me "ideas" for what to do with them. (Don't even suggest sending them to you! ha ha.)

On the "Spanish Lesson" front:  I stopped in a Mexican Grocery store last Friday to shop - because they have foods that are not commonly found where I shop.  I got some tuna - the prickly pear fruit - not the fish.  (borrowed picture - the ones I got were deeper in color) It is an interesting fruit.
Image result for prickly pear fruit

But anyway,  when I checked out, I spoke to the clerk in Spanish and she grinned and answered in Spanish.  I told her that I was studying Spanish. "Yo estudio español. Yo hablo pequeño y malo."  She replied that my pronunciation was very good.  Since she said it in Spanish, I didn't trust my ears and asked her to repeat it. She repeated it in English.  I have to say that made my day.
Besides doing a one-on-one class with an American friend who has studied Spanish for years, I am also doing Duolingo on the computer.  The "double whammy" seems to really be helping me retain more of what I learn.
So now you know that while you will see less of me at times, I am doing well and I am not sitting idle as life passes me by.  And those of you who blog, I am still reading your blogs even if I don't manage to comment each time.
Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible. However at this time Blogger is not notifying me of comments. Of course if you are a "No Reply Blogger"- I can not reply. Links in comments will result in the entire comment being deleted.


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Yes, I missed you - even though you said you would be practicing your ukulele and Spanish when you weren't blogging. Congratulations on your awesome win - can't wait to see what you do with those yummy fabrics. Your Spanish lessons are paying off if you can converse in Spanish with the lady at the grocery store - maybe you could shop there more often to practice your Spanish with her - ;))

Sarah said...

I was thinking about you with that hurricane headed your way. But I knew that you would be prepared!

Debbie said...

You are an inspiration. Good for you taking on such challenges.

Barb said...

I love how you continue to learn new things and share with us. You will have to play a few songs for us when you feel confident enough. Thanks for showing the picture of the I know.