Monday, September 17, 2018

Squishy Mail!!!! And a bit more

I got a nice squishy package in the mail. I am not sure I am supposed to say who sent it, so I will see if she speaks up.
In the package was a pattern that looks interesting but challenging. I am not sure if I will try it or pass it on to someone in the quilt guild.

But these fabrics that were in the package are just yummy.  I believe they are from Island Batiks - the Season's Shades line.  There are a number of 9" squares as well as some larger "yardage" pieces.  Just look how luscious these are:

I am looking at these and thinking how nicely they will play with some hand dyed fabrics that I have.  Surely there can be some quilting/sewing time in my future.  I am sure it will fit in with the Spanish classes, exercise classes and ukulele lessons.  Yeah, sure.....LOL.
Did I mention that I need to make soap also?  Thank goodness my canning is mostly finished for the year.

Just for grins, here are a couple more possibilities with the "Garlic Knot"
Plus & Square with Black background

Plus & Square on point - black background
Blocks in two colors

I really like the on point setting using two colors of blocks. It seems to have a lot of added "kick" to it.  Plus getting the block orientation is less difficult because of the two colors.  I may have to make this one----someday in the future. Or maybe you would like to make it and show me.  Any takers?  I looking at you Barb N! heehee
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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Your batiks look yummy - and I like both of your EQ7 designs - especially the one "on point". Maybe you could find time to make soap and sew if you shorten the time you spend doing everything else - or maybe you could get up a couple of hours earlier - "they" say 4:00AM is a good time - but no way I could do that - so never mind - LOL - ;))

Jeanna said...

Those are some lovely batiks and the colors do remind me of some of the hand-dyed fabrics you've shared before. Very likely they will coordinate well.

Jennifer said...

Nice squishieness!

Julie Fukuda said...

Those batiks would be hard to set aside and just look at. They really want to get together and have some fun. (and with a machine, it will take a much shorter time than I would have).

JJ said...

Yes you may say who sent it, actually it would be nice to get a little traffic to my blog, InchwormFabrics. They are Island Batiks and you guessed the line correctly. I used that fabric and pattern to make my January Island Batik Challenge.