Friday, November 23, 2018

Free Motion Quilting Woes -Another Notebook Cover

Sometimes when we are doing free motion quilting it seems that everything goes wrong.  I made another composition notebook cover to practice some free motion quilting. 

 It looks pretty good, but I had serious issues while quilting it.  The top thread kept shredding.  The back is what I quilted first with black thread.  I assumed it was the thread and switched threads in the machine to what I have quilted with last. 
That thread shredded also.  ARRRGH!  I changed the needle, but it was still shredding the thread.  I managed to finish quilting it but I didn't get to do it like I would prefer to do it.

The next day, I tried to figure out what the issue might be.  I completely forgot that when I pulled out this darning foot, that I had modified the Leah Day way, that I saw the rubber band had deteriorated.  I replaced the rubber band.  But,  this rubber band was different.  So I had to take off some of it to raise the foot so that the quilt sandwich could slide easily under it.  I didn't get it right!
Apparently, I had it too high above the surface of the quilt sandwich which can cause some machines to shred the thread. 

I decided to try another foot.  There is this one, that I have used with some success.
But, no, it hops. And it obstructs the view also, because the base is so big. That makes it more difficult to hit the marks you want to hit.

Then there is this one:
 It works, but that base ring is too large also.

Then I saw this one!
The base is small, and the spring is adjustable with the thumbscrew at the top of it.  It is "just right" as Goldilocks once said.
So I made a sample quilt sandwich and tried it out. 
No thread shredding, I did have to adjust the machine tension a bit - but mostly because I had loosened it when I was trying to figure out what was wrong.

I am glad I got it sorted out before I started quilting on the Coins Quilt.   Hopefully this blog post will be a reminder to ME of what works best.  Happy Stitching!

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Debbie said...

The final quilting looks grand! It is such a mystery when the thread shred happens. Glad you found your solution.

Frog Quilter said...

Love the notebook covers. Your quilting look fabulous. Good investigative skills.

diane said...

Quilting is wonderful Gene. Shredding thread can be a mystery, but eventually it all works out!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Love your notebook covers! I'm glad you found a solution to your shredding problem - and that you documented it on your blog - for all of us - and for your reference later. The adjustable screw thingy is great - wish my foot had one. I modified my foot with a "ponytail" hair elastic band rather than a rubber band - it's skinnier and hasn't disintegrated - yet - ;))

Rhonda said...

Whew! Sometimes it take some serious thinking and changing things out to solve a problem. You did a great job and by posting your problem and solution, gave us a better idea of what to look for. Thanks Gene!!!

Jeanna said...

Whoa! You had so many options to investigate. I'm glad you found the right solution, and combination. Your FMQ is beautiful.

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I have to tell you that my daughter and her boyfriend are getting a lot of use out of the scarves you wove. Those were some of the best gifts I've given them.

Barb said...

What a great way to practice your free motion ..... as always, I love love your journal covers. I will have to find out about Leah Days way.