Monday, November 19, 2018

Quilted Notebook Cover

Feeling the need to do a little practice quilting,  I decided to make a quilted notebook cover.  I have made a lot of these that fit composition books - because it is easy to find a refill for it when you fill up the notebook.
I always quilt the covers as practice for free motion quilting (FMQ.)  The quilting may not be perfect but it is is fun to do and helps with my skill in FMQ.   There are no process photos because I get involved and forget to take them.

For the front, I used a block that was in my "whatever" pile.  That is the pile of blocks that I have pieced but had no real plan to make something specific.

The quilting is random and lively- but most important to me - it is tactile.  I love a cover that you feel with your fingertips.
For the back I used a larger chunk of fabric and quilted a large flower on it.
It is a reasonably fast bit to quilt which is why I did that for the back.
Inside the front there is a pocket for a pen or whatever - maybe a dollar or two to buy a snack.
You can also see my label there. I forgot to sew it under the edge of the pocket so I improvised.  It actually works nicely there.

Now,  I need to be starting the food for the Thanksgiving festivities!  Happy holiday.

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Barbara said...

Love all of these, and the one I bought from you especially. Your FMQ is better than a long arm!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Me, too!! Love these - and the ones that I bought from you. That's a good idea to use your "whatever" blocks and to practice your FMQ - it's like three birds with one stone - haha. And I think I have some of the batik that you used for the pocket - it's a really pretty one - ;))

Debbie said...

This looks good.....always a good practice piece too. And then you have a gift on hand to share.

Jeanna said...

This is a very nice one, Gene. Your FMQ is fantastic. You definitely have the eye of an artist.

Jennifer said...

Improvising is always a good thing.