Tuesday, December 04, 2018

HST Surprise Quilt

The new quilt has a name.  I am calling it the HST Surprise Quilt.  Because, surprise!  I am changing the layout  - but then you probably are not surprised at all if you read my blog regularly. 

Here are the six blocks that have the small half square triangles (HSTs) in the sashing.
You will notice that the HST centers are all the same color combo.  I am hoping that when I join the blocks those will still be facing the same directions as in this photo. But, no promises - and I won't  rip seams if it isn't "perfect."   (Because finished is always better than perfect!)

Here is a sample layout with some of the blocks with the large HSTs.
This is NOT how it will be laid out for the final quilt.  This just shows how the blocks look together. I think this quilt will be quite colorful and happy - as well as scrappy.  And that is my favorite way to quilt.  I used many of my favorite colors in here. There is a nice amount of purple and blue with some yellow and green too. The red batik with white in the sashing adds a nice little surprise pop.

All of the blocks are sewn now (but not all shown.)  There are still setting triangles and corners to be cut  before I can start joining it.  I am certainly enjoying making this quilt top.

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I agree! - It is quite colorful - and happy - and scrappy - the perfect combination - ;))

beth s said...

Ooh! I love where this is going.

Julie Fukuda said...

Happy Scrappy! a great name for that one!

Frog Quilter said...

Scrappy makes me happy. Love it!

Jeanna said...

Love those colors! How big will this one be, Gene?

Barb said...

Gene, this will be such a wonderful quilt...love the blocks and fabrics

Jennifer said...

I love all the colors!