Sunday, December 02, 2018

New Quilt Top Started - Calling Lefties!

Those squirrels keep running by.  One of them was a stack (or more) of five in precut squares.   I decided to make some simple half-square triangle blocks.
And I have a Left-Eze Rule tool which is designed to make life easier for Left Handed Quilters. The tool and the instructions are written in "left-ish" - so those of us who are right handed need to adapt to use it.  Seriously though, I find it to be a useful tool in my arsenal.

Since I had precut squares, I just stacked a background square on top of a colored square.
I had already drawn the line before I took the photo.
As you may know  many tutorials tell you to draw a line from corner to corner - there is even a specialized tool for doing it.  But you CAN use the Left-Eze Rule to do it.
Just line it up along the top edge and the diagonal will run corner to corner.  Then draw along the line.
I use a permanent pen for this since it will be in the seam allowance (sh! don't tell those quilt police folks!)

Then stack them up and take them to the sewing machine.
I chain piece them to speed up the process. Because,  for the top I am planning I will need 48 of them.
Next you sew a quarter inch seam on both sides of the line. Cut the apart and press them open and you are ready to square them up.  I am squaring mine to 4 1/2 inches.
Here is another use for the Left-Eze Rule.
You can use it as a squaring ruler for half-square triangle blocks!  Let me show you a close up of it.
I use that diagonal line at 4 1/2 on the tool right on my diagonal seam. Then I trim those outside edges.  I flip it 180 degrees and do the other two sides.  It comes out perfectly square. I love it.

Of course I didn't do all of the blocks because I needed to run to the computer and work on the layout. So I drew it up in Electric Quilt.
This is the layout that I used for the Crumb Block quilt. I love the visual impact that it has. At this point those colors are just to make it pretty.  How it turns out will depend on the fabrics in my stash. I am sure it will be "Happy Scrappy."

If you are interested in the Left-Eze Rule, you can find it for sale here.  There are also tutorials on the website.   This is an unpaid endorsement.  I get nothing if you buy it - except perhaps your gratitude for sending you to find it.  If you have a left-handed quilter friend -OR- a left-handed wanna-be quilter, this will be a great present for them.

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Rhonda said...

I like the name Crumb Block Quilt and it will be bright and colorful!!!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thank you, Gene - for helping me spread the word about my LEFT-EZE™ Rule - and showing that it isn't only for Lefties - you just made my day!! - ;))

Barb said...

What a wonderful ruler for those that are left handed. I remember a day when the teacher would not let left handed kids write with their left hand and it was considered evil to be so...glad times have changed and things are coming out for those that are left handed. I have two left handed sons. Love the layout of your quilt...which reminds me that I need to start practicing on my EQ