Friday, December 28, 2018

The String Along Starts

Today is the official start of the Moda String-Along.  I have been prepping for it for a few days.  Strips have been gathered - and some more strips cut from larger scraps.  Paper foundations have been cut. 
I started using the glue stick to put some of the first strips on the papers in readiness for a fast start in sewing.
You may notice that I trimmed the "ears" off.  That is just a bit of OCD on my part.
It isn't necessary, but it makes it easier for me to use a slightly shorter strip for the next strip. 
Of course, I may have jumped the gun and started sewing some blocks.
This one is a little more than half finished. If you haven't made string blocks on a foundation before the edges may look "odd" to you.  But all of that will be trimmed off later for a nice square block. From the back this one looks like this:
The important thing is that the strip runs fully across the paper.  The top corner where you start your seam can be right at the edge. When it is folded back and pressed the other edge will hang off the paper.  You are going to cut those little pieces off when you trim.

So here is a finished block that is a bit different.  I found a rail fence block in my stash and used it to cover the corner. 
There is also another pre-sewn strip section in there.  I like to think outside the box and use up some of the odd pieces. 
Another tip, if you cut off ends that are too short (an inch or two) you can keep those and sew them end to end into a pieced strip to use in another block.  This is a great way to add variety - and add some of those "precious scrap pieces" back into your quilt.

Here are four more blocks that are trimmed.

Okay folks, if you are stringing along it is time to warm up those sewing machines and sling some strings.  --and if you are using paper foundations:  Don't forget to shorten the stitch length so that the papers pull off easily. You can thank me for that tip later.

(disclaimer - I wrote this post the night before. ;-)
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Barbara said...

Looking good! I like the strips that are wider at one end for extra interest. I prefer to use fabric for a foundation because it feels like a really nice weight when done. Plus any fabric will do, it’s a way to use fabrics I don’t really like, and I can use a longer stitch length since tearing paper off the back is eliminated. But that’s just me! ;)

Barbara said...

PS...I got your note Gene about the extra weight of foundation piecing these blocks on fabric not being welcome in the south. I understand that, but how about a quilt with strip blocks built on fabric foundations with no batting? I kind of like that idea. It might make me try to make a quilt with these blocks I already have done. No fancy quilting in the end though. Just thinking out loud here. ;)

Barb said...

You make it so your blocks so far

Rhonda said...

Great start Gene. I'm almost tempted to start a new string.

Pamela Arbour said...

I like your blocks. If I come across something that will fit the space, I use it too!
I have about 30 blocks so far. I need to sit down sometime today and get some more done. So far, my strip bin doesn't look like it is going down!