Saturday, February 16, 2019

LHQSQ Blocks

I made two more blocks for the LHQSQ 2.0 quilt along.   A Left-Handed Quilter posted two more blocks this morning and I decided to use those two in my sampler also.  The blocks are the Hourglass and the Attic Window blocks. This is not the Attic Window that immediately comes to my mind, but it is called an Attic Window in Electric Quilt.
While looking at her blocks I saw that I could combine a couple of shapes and cut pieces with my Accuquilt Go! cutter.  One of those shapes is the chisel for the Attic Window.
Unfortunately, I neglected to pay attention to the orientation of the chisel shape.  So, my attic window block is a mirror image of hers.  I also mirror imaged the Hourglass block just because. Ha ha.

I am slowly accumulating enough of these blocks that I should soon get to start on the sashing and joining.
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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Good idea to use the "Chisel" shape - that would really simplify construction if you wanted to make a whole quilt using that block. "Mirror-images" - you made LEFT-handed versions - haha - ;))

JJ said...

Nice blocks, it will be fun to see your finished project.

Barbara said...

Doing anything “just because” is one of the signs of a creative mind. That shows in these two colorful blocks!