Monday, March 11, 2019

Two more Purple and Orange

Way back in January I made three quilt blocks using Orange and Purple as the main colors.  I mostly did it for play.  Then I needed something calm and relaxing to do this weekend after a bad fender bender.  I am fine but the car isn't - but I was pretty well shaken up. 

To relax I cut some pieces to make a couple of friendship star blocks.  I decided that they would add to the stack and slowly become a quilt top one day. I plan to save this as a playtime project when I just want to sew and not be stressed by it.

Here are the two blocks:
I love orange against purple.  I think these are a bit more intense than the other three.  That is good as it will add variety and contrast to the final quilt. 
Here are the other three blocks

What do you sew "just for fun?"
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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

SO sorry to hear about your fender bender - but glad to hear that you are OK!! A car is just a car and be replaced - but we don't have another YOU!! Love your Purple and Orange blocks - they will make a really nice quilt - some day. Guess you could say I make "crumb" blocks when I want to play - no stress - no rules - lots of pieces - LOL - ;))

diane said...

As long as you got the better deal verses the car that is all that matters. I do realize there are hoops to be dealt with after an accident that we'd rather not be doing so hope all turns out well for you and that you are okay..

I love your blocks. Any block with orange in is beautiful in my eyes.

My mindless sewing for right now is also making crumb blocks. I'm making 12.5 inch blocks and using scrappy pieces that mean something to me. As I've dug into my stashed scrape boxes and totes it's rather amazing to see the fabrics from other projects I've done and then put away to use another day. Trying to keep it on the bright side for the colors but the not so bright fabrics look like they belong as well. I've made 21 blocks so far and know that 30 could be my stopping point. I've been using my treadle that sits on the living room to make these as it keeps me close to hubby when I'm needed. Between me loving to treadle and making these blocks it's been a relaxing time for me. Having a mindless sewing project is always a good idea.

ShirleyC said...

Pretty blocks, and I love the Friendship Star. I just made one myself.

Barbara said...

Oh dear, fender benders are upsetting, even if it’s onl a car that has suffered. So glad you were able to use fabric to relax! You have put my current favorite color (purple) and current least favorite color together, and they look good! :)

Jeanna said...

Wow Gene. I'm sorry to read about your fender bender. Hope you really are ok, cars can be fixed or replaced. Love all of your blocks.