Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Bit of Quilting

In case you are wondering if I am doing any sewing or quilting... here is a little peek at the Island Batik May challenge quilt that I am now quilting.

I call this quilting pattern Vertical (or horizontal) meandering. I first called it "straight line meandering."  I kept thinking  "there is nothing straight about it."   But unlike a typical meander, the lines flow in one direction.

But in some places on the quilt, the lines are in the opposite direction. There is also some free motion quilting on parts of the quilt.  As this is a Modern quilt using the principles of improvisational piecing and areas of negative space, I wanted the quilting to be just as improv as the quilt top.

This challenge is the 'Make it Modern with Hobbs Batting."  I am using Hobbs black 80/20 batting for this and it is great.  The batting doesn't show through at all and there is no bearding.  The gray fabric you see is  Island Batik's solid gray batik.  They make solids in black and white as well as the gray.  Due to the tighter weave of the batik fabric base it is wonderful.  There is less fraying (almost none) and virtually no show through.

Have you ever made a modern type quilt? If so share it with me.
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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

What you have there looks interesting - but you are such a tease - making us wait until May to see the whole thing - LOL. I don't think I have made any "modern" quilts - but it's on my "list" - ;))

Barb said...

I am just not a modern kind of gal. I always enjoy coming to your blog and seeing what mischief you are up your quilting and imagination.