Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A bit of Play

Sometimes it is good to just play and see what happens.  Today I decided to take a hand-dyed gradient and play with it.  You are allowed to be surprised.  I have hoarded the gradients that I get from Vicki Welsh for a long time. 
Here is the label from this one.
It is called Appalachian Sunset.  I have had it so long the label is faded.  Also, it was purchased from her Etsy shop- and she now sells directly from her website. This one is not currently in Vicki's gradient section.  But I am sure she could make one just for you if you requested it.

Yes, I do hoard them, but,  I needed a kickstart so I took one out, ironed it nice and flat and started cutting.   I did fold it in half first.  When I cut it into strips (random widths) there were two of each size layered together. 
I sewed each set of those keeping them in order.  I quickly realized that after trimming the edges of the folded gradient, I should have rotated one layer.  C'est la vie!  At that point I just kept sewing.
Once I had all the layers sewn back into a single piece, I pressed it flat, and cut it into strips the opposite direction.  I then sewed those back together flipping every other one end for end.

Here is the result. 

The colors blended so well in some areas that it is hard to see the piecing. This is actually quite striking in person.  Now I just have to decide what it will become.   My first thought is that it would make a couple of great looking pillow covers.  For now, I will just enjoy looking at it and wait for inspiration to strike me.

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

LOVE it!! It's so nice to play sometimes - no pressure - just see where it takes you - and enjoy the ride. It reminds me of playing in the sandbox building tunnels and making mudpies - now we play in the sewing room making pretty stuff - still having fun - ;))

Dot Moore said...

I really like this "bit of play". The colors are beautiful. Great job, Mr. Gene.

Barbara said...

Nothing better than improv crafting and sewing. Your result reminds me of Gees Bend Quilts.

Katie said...

It is beautiful! To me, it is screaming for a shadow applique - just the dark silhouette of something...but sometimes objects scream different things at different people!

For the love of geese said...

OOOAAAHH, not sure how to spell the sounds I made while looking at this. I see a sunset on a lake. Its just gorgeous Gene. Thank you for linking up with me and I hope you come back next week and show what you have decided to do with this.

Barbara said...
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