Saturday, May 04, 2019

Just Sew Something

Sometimes we all need to play.  So I take leftover pieces like the four-patch below and "just sew something."
You can see a bit of a leftover batik strip there at the edge. I was planning to use the resulting block in the purple and orange quilt.  But I may have added too much of other colors.  When I do this "just sew something" play,  I try to use leftover bits on my cutting table. (True Confession:  I don't clean it off that often and certainly not after every sewing session.)  For this block I used ONLY from the scraps on the table.   That means I can't fully control the color palette because sometimes there isn't a big enough piece in the correct color(s.)
The aqua/teal fabric carries over the same color in the first batik scrap.  Then the other batik carries it a bit further and adds some yellow with the orange.

Truthfully I am not sure that I like this block - it may not go in that quilt at all.  But,  I save all my odd blocks and just wait for the time they work with something.  Sometimes that means slicing and dicing them to change them.  When you do this, you can cut across at an angle and add in a strip or strips to change feel and add in new colors.  It is a great way to play with improv piecing.
Cuts can be made across both directions and the pieces re-arranged. 
When you play with this idea, and I hope you do, be wild and free; ask "what if I.....;"  but mostly have fun with it.

Until Next Time, 
Stay Creative

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Barbara said...

Well, there must be something in the air! I needed to just play yesterday when I turned out my multi-media painting that included some Batik fabric pieces. Like you I’m not sure I like it, but unlike youI I don’t have another use for it, so into a closet it goes. I promise, I did have fun.
About your block, I LOVE that the four patch is off center, and the batiks are perfect with it. See how it looks in a quilt then decide. If not that one, then in another!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I LOVE your block - it has orange and purple plus the aqua from your sampler quilt and the batiks tie them all together. It's a great improv block - with happy colors - ;))

Unknown said...

Just today I was just thinking about how neat 4-patches are & how they need to get used more & then I see this little jewel you've made. I love it! USE IT!

Pamela Arbour said...

I really like how that block turned out.