Saturday, June 08, 2019

Pointing the Way - Try a Technique

The June challenge for the Island Batik Ambassadors is Try a Technique. I have tried lots of techniques over the years.  Some have become regularly used tools in my quilter's toolbox. I think the idea of a challenge to try a technique is designed to expand our skills -or we may find out that we don't love a technique so we feel free to say "That isn't for me, at least not right now."
For this challenge I chose two techniques that I have tried in the past with so-so results.  Those two are foundation paper piecing and sewing curves. The truth is that neither one of them are techniques I consider myself to be good at.  But, it was time to try them again.  I am really happy that I did.  With both techniques I had success. 
Sections sewn but not joined together. 
Island Batik Moroccan Bazaar strips were used for the curved pieces with points. The background fabric is an Island Batik basic called Lilac. In some of the photos my camera flash washed out the Lilac and it appears gray.  Trust me it is a lovely pale lilac that is slightly more to the blue side of the color wheel.
Paper piecing these sections of curves went so well. Adding the curved pieces also went amazingly well.  The fact is, I watched a class Clever Curves by Toby Lischko on BluPrint.  She explained and showed how to get it to all line up with only 3 or 4 pins.  I am no longer afraid of curves.
( I also watched Carol Doakes class on paper piecing. I will likely be doing more of that as well.)


The real "try it" for me on this challenge was one that I have never attempted in the past.  I decided to make and use prairie points. Having seen Susan Cleveland do clever things with them on The Quilt Show, I wanted to try it.  She used them in unusual ways.  So, of course, I wanted to do that also.
I did some and sewed them into the seams as I joined the seams in the block.
There are nicely 3-D on the surface of the pillow. 

I pressed the seams so that they all go clockwise on the front of the pillow.
But then I discovered a tutorial on making continuous prairie points. So I had to try that too.  But, with the pillow being square, I decided that attempting to round the corners would wait for another time, perhaps with a test piece that I wouldn't mind tossing if it fails.
I cut the continuous points into pieces and put one section on each of the four sides.

If you happen to notice my "oops" just consider it a design choice!

The top was quilted prior to constructing the top. I used the Hobbs 80/20 Black batting behind it because it really makes the colors pop. To construct the pillow, I placed the top face up and positioned and pinned the prairie points in place.  Then I layered the two pieces for the envelope back on top of that face down. I sewed around the edges and then turned it right side out.

The Island Batik fabrics and Hobbs batting used in the construction of this pillow were provided to me as an Island Batik Ambassador. Some of the stitching was done using Aurifil thread which was also provided to me as an Ambassador.   I am very grateful to these companies for their sponsorship of the Ambassadors group. 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Quilting Tangent said...

Pretty pillow, I like the colors and prairie points in the center.

tubakk said...

I love all your new techniques on this bright and beautiful pillow. I can totally understand that you're happy with the result.

Karen said...

Great project, Gene! I especially like the way you added the prairie points just to the sides, and not the entire perimeter.

Joyce Carter said...

Sooo pretty! I love the addition of the prairie points.

Rhonda said...

Great job Gene. I love paper piecing but haven’t done it in awhile. Your prairie points are great & dressed up the project. And then there’s the excellent quilting to bring everything to a finish! Two thumbs up.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

VERY pretty!! Foundation Paper Piecing - Sewing Curves - Prairie Points - are great additions to your toolbox - ;))

Barbara said...

It’s striking, Gene, I love the colors and techniques! I also like “design choice” instead of “oops”. I have rethought all my oooses!

Debbie said... have become so adventurous. Great techniques and love your pillow design. Curves are scary enough but to add dimensional did good!

Kathleen said...

What a fun pillow! I love the prairie points inside and out. We all make design choices don’t we. I am glad you feel more confident about the curves - I think there is a lot to be said for watching and learning from the experts and trying until we master it!

Debbie said...

Check out FB...Island Batik posted your project. Congrats!

Vicki in MN said...

Glad you had success with your 'try it' techniques, what a fun pillow!

Vicki W said...


Barb said...

Turned out wonderfully, love all the detail.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Fun pillow.