Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Weaving Placemats

Sometimes,  I need or want to switch gears a bit.  It seems to help me overcome creative blocks.  The loom was sitting empty and sad.  It called to me one morning while I was eating breakfast.   You see there are two placemats on my table that I use regularly. These were created from fabric that I wove, cut off and sewed the ends so they would not ravel.

It is time for new placemats even though these are still fine and have a lot of wear in them. I grabbed some cones of cotton weaving yarn and went to the warping board to create the warp.  The warp is the threads that run lengthwise in the fabric. Those of you who quilt or sew know it as "the direction the selvedge runs."  The selvedge is actually composed of the outermost threads in the warp.

I chose two blue threads, a lavender thread, a yellow thread and one thread that is a variegated yellow to orange thread. I also had a red in my hands, but I chose not to use it.

Once the warp was made, I put it onto the loom.  I confess that  doing that takes some time.  I have good tools so I made the warp and got it on in a couple of hours.  This warp is 140 threads wide.  (For my own notes  - I am using a 5 dent per cm reed.)   Next time I will probably use at least 160 threads for the width I would like the  placemats to be for my table.

I decided to use only a navy blue thread as the warp thread (the thread that runs from one side to the other - from selvedge to selvedge.)  Once the warp was in place I wound a bobbin and did some preliminary weaving to be sure I liked the navy as my weft.

Yes I do like it!
I want both placemats to be roughly the same length.  To do that I am using a measuring thread.
It is hard to see in the photo but it is the brown thread I am holding between my finger and thumb. It is pinned in at the beginning of the weaving and left loose on the side.  I just have to remember not to weave it into the fabric.

I am to this point right now.
I am not sure you can see the measuring thread, but I have only a few inches to go on the first placemat.

I think I will enjoy using these new placemats in my kitchen.  I hope you remember to make pretty things for yourself - and for those you love.

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

VERY pretty!! It's so nice to have something else to do when you hit a creative block. And I LOVE your color combination - they would look good in my kitchen as well - ;))

Norma's Place said...

Love these placemats. This will have to be the next thing I try, if I can ever find the time! I also love the colour.

Barbara said...

I really love the colors, you have a knack for blending them. These are definitely “pretty things”! It’s nice they are for yourself!

Quilting Tangent said...

Pretty, always good to have other skills. Maybe you will weave a quilt piece.

Vicki in MN said...

Oh I love these!! How long did it take you do the weaving only part?

Frog Quilter said...

I love the almost done placemats. The colors are beautiful and would look good on my table (hint hint lol).

Kathleen said...

These are going to be gorgeous!

Barb said...

Gene, I just love this, so peaceful to me.