Friday, October 18, 2019

Wedge Piecing Playtime

The change in seasons -particularly from warm to cold/dark - always affects me.  I suspect that I have a bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  I cope with it pretty well these days. But sometimes I just don't want to do anything but hibernate. 

Last night I broke out of hibernate mode and tried something new to me. I came across my 15 degree wedge ruler that has been in my possession for a long time and unused.  As usual, I went to Google and searched.  I came across my friend, Christina Cameli, showing some wedge ruler piecing ideas.
She has an entire page devoted to wedges.  She has also written a book "The Wedge Quilt Workshop."  I watched the video on that page "Magic Triangle Block."  She demonstrates it with a different  ruler - a 10 degree one.  But the math is simple so I made it with four wedges instead of 6. (6 times ten is 60, but my ruler is a fifteen - so 4 times 15 is 60 also - it works!)

That was easier than I thought it would be.  My rotating mat helped a lot.  This morning I grabbed two more charm squares and made a second one in almost the same fabrics.
I can imagine a quilt made with these blocks. I think it would be fun to make it semi-scrappy.  You should know that all of these edges are bias go gently!  Press, don't iron so that you don't stretch them out of shape.
Any wedge ruler that will add up to 60 degrees will work for this one.  Plus, Christina also has a post on Cutting Wedges without a wedge ruler.

Are you affected by SAD ?  If so would you be willing to share your coping mechanisms?   My best one is to just find something that makes me laugh to binge watch.  Last night it was "Dark Shadows" the late 60's television show.  What?!?! You say "that wasn't funny?"  No, at least it wasn't intended to be funny.  But there are some great bloopers right in the show that were left because of the miniscule budget of  the show.  Those make me laugh - and I laugh at young me who was completely unaware of how ridiculous much of this show was.

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Debbie said...

Those blocks are very your colors. The bias edges will grow on me if I just look at them, so I will usually ignore such blocks. I can't deal with the stress any Yes, have SAD for sure.Like you I will binge watch a TV show, or hibernate with a book. I have learned to avoid the rotary cutter--- after a nasty cut, but I often turn to string piecing to have something to do. I try to find at least 10 minutes to sit in the sun no matter how cold to ease it some.

Vicki W said...

My husband deals with SAD and it's pretty serious. A few years ago he started using one of the light therapy things. It's miraculous! He turns it on while he's on the computer in the morning. I have another friend who started using it last year and she almost preaches about it now.

Barbara said...

I never thought of SAD because I love Fall, but I have a blue day now and then like most.. I need to revisit Dark Shadows, today!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Love your blocks - but I think I'll pass on anything with BIAS edges - unless it's fusible applique - LOL. I never really thought about being affected by SAD - but I guess I am because sometimes I want to "hibernate" too. I use "daylight" bulbs in my sewing room overhead "flood" lights - and that seems to help with the "darker" days - but not with losing my mojo. I just have to wait until that comes back from wherever it went - LOL - ;))

Joyce Carter said...

I love your blocks, but I don't handle bias edges very well so I skip these whenever possible.
Yes, I definitely am effected by SAD this time of year. I don't like cold weather period. So I usually curl up with a good book until I get in the mood to do some sewing.Sewing puts me in a happier mood also.
I remember "Dark Shadows". I use to watch it in the 60's. My sister got me hooked on it and I watched it all the time. I liked it a lot.

Kathleen said...

I tried to watch Dark Shadows again, not too long ago, as I loved it. Was quite slow moving, so I can’t do it when I am tired, but someday it may get binge watched. I love what you are doing. And, yes, a little SAD in the winter. It is funny as I loved when it was dark at 6 and my son wouldn’t realize he could still be playing some before bed, and then I hated it being dark when I picked him up after school. I mostly try to do things that bring me joy and celebrate each additional 15 minutes of daylight!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I turn on all the lights in the house. Bright lights help. I still get more done in the summer than I do in the winter. It's hard sometimes.