Saturday, November 02, 2019

Catching Up

***Sorry for some strange reason the photo part of Blogger is not working for me. Hopefully now you will see photos as I did some 'internet magic'***

It has been a week since I posted - mostly because I didn't have much to post. I did some stabilizing stitches on my November challenge quilt. (Yikes it is already November and I am not ready!) But that is not something that is exciting to show since it is "in the ditch" quilting - and I am not ready to show the quilt top.

One thing that I also do is weaving. And as this week has been spent more with Mom and medical appointments, I am using this 15 inch Schacht rigid heddle loom as it travels well.

This loom comes with a stick shuttle that you wind by hand. But I prefer to use a boat shuttle that has bobbins that you can wind on a bobbin winder - or  for portability,  a cordless drill.
Stick shuttle
Boat shuttle and Bobbins
For bulkier yarns, I do use the stick shuttle. But for this project I am using thread-like yarns that come on cones.
Yarn Cones on Left

I am doing one of my favorite techniques that is called clasped weft or "two color interlock."  We made a video on this technique that you can find here .

I love to unroll the cloth beam and look at my work.
Blogger is being quirky today and not allowing me to upload the photos in the usual way, so if this post looks a bit "odd" I apologise, but I am not in control of it.

I must tell you that until Mom is back to normal,  my posts may be sporadic. Feel free to email me 
photo to deter spammers. 
I must tell you about an upcoming blog hop!  The Island Batik Ambassadors who were not in the earlier blog hop this year are getting their turn in November.
So I am going to send you to the Island Batik Blog for full details AND a giveaway.
Island Batik Blog Post
The prize is this precut bundle of the new Little Sir Little Miss line
There are many delightful prints in this Batik line from Island Batik

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Barbara said...

No pics at all! So the Most important thing that’s left to say is so very happy your
Mom is doing well!

Gene Black said...

Interestingly I can see the pics but no one else can

Barbara said...

There they are. Beautiful woven fabric!!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Funny - I can see #1 - 2 - 4 - your email thing - and the last one. Blogger can be SO frustrating at times - I hope you get it figured out - the photos that I CAN see are great. And I'm glad your Mom is doing okay - ;))

Vicki in MN said...

I am seeing 5 pic's of your weaving, looks interesting and fun! Is the yarn on cones 100% cotton and what weight? Can you share where you get it? I am curious if it would work for my machine knit dishcloths.

Marlene said...

I so enjoy the occasional weaving that makes it to your blog. You have many talents. Have you been painting at all lately?

Angie said...

Your weaving is beautiful! So amazing.
I just want to look and look at it! Great colors. It's so very nice of you to go to appt with your mom. You're awesome!! Have a happy day! Thank you for sharing! :-) :-)😇🦋