Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Some Handmade Gifts - Island Batik 3D take 2

Before the end of December, when my year as an Island Batik Ambassador ends, I decided to do one more 3D project with these lovely fabrics.

I had made some of these Sweet Pea Pods by Lazy Girl Designs.  These are not difficult to make and are great small gifts for acquaintances.   They only require two ten inch pieces of fabric to make two of them. You also need fusible fleece and a zipper and an extra zipper pull.  I bought a lot of zippers and extra zipper pulls on a trip to Mexico.  They were pretty inexpensive, so I always stock up if I am there.

Here are my Sweet Pea Pods.

You will notice that the zipper is one piece that goes all the way around the opening. It is a clever technique to put them in that way. It is also why you need the extra zipper pull - but you get two zippers for the price of one!

I didn't measure them but here is another photo of one with a standard size glue stick inside it.

One of my zippers snagged and may quit working, so I kept that one for myself.  At this time I have charging cables and a phone charger in it. It is going to be my 'cables to go' kit.  It is the perfect size.

Some of fabrics in this project were provided to me by Island Batik  as an Island Batik Ambassador.  However I did purchase one of the fabrics and the rest of the supplies and pattern for the project.

Once you have made one of these, it is easy to line them up assembly line style and make several as quick gifts.

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Joyce Carter said...

I really like these. They would be great to carry in your purse for loose change.

Vicki W said...

You've been such a great ambassador. I know they are sad to lose you. Hopefully you can do it again sometime.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Those are great little gifts - love your color combinations! - ;))

Barb said...

I want to make them!!!

Debbie said... did a great job with these.