Monday, February 17, 2020

A Bit of Handwork (and the horrors of Technology)

Since I will be sitting around during rehearsals for a while, I decided to start a handwork project.  I have made a couple of these in the past.  My favorite is titled String Theory - but I sold it in a gallery.

So it is time to make another one for me. Or at least to keep my hands busy while I wait my time to act.   I learned this technique from a class by Carol Ann Waugh.    So I have done all of the prep work that requires things I can't take to rehearsal. And of course I had to do some hand stitching to have it started.  Once it is going, it is easy to say "Oh, I can do this -here...." and keep going.

For now, here is how it looks:
The lovely hand dyed fabric is from a selection of Ricky Tims fabrics that I got in a giveaway a while back.  Those nice splotches of color give me inspiration for both color and form. 

In case you are wondering about the piece I mentioned earlier, you can find it here

Now about those "horrors of Technology" - For quite a while, my practice has been to take photos with my phone (android device) and when I get to my computer I can download them from Google Photos. 
Up until today, it has worked flawlessly. It is super easy, no need to connect anything or remove a data card, etc.   Today, I took the above photo and went to Google Photos on my computer to download it.  It isn't there.  I tried a few 'tricks' to get it to show up.  I deleted some photos that I didn't need anymore.  Still nothing.  I finally emailed it to myself from my phone.
And that is why you can see it now. 

I still haven't gotten it to show up on Google Photos.  Oh the horrors of technology gone awry!

At least I had a "creative" solution.

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Vicki W said...

That will be a perfect project for rehearsals! I bet you have it sold before the show is over.

Kathleen said...

Wonderful project for you to keep “occupied” in the slow times. I totally know what you mean - the blogspot things a year or two ago really did me in. So, it works until it doesn’t....then we look for solutions. Glad you found one.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Your new project is going to be stunning!! I agree with all of the technology comments - it works "this" way until the day it doesn't anymore - because they "changed" it for what seems like no reason - other than to justify their existence - LOL - ;))

Debbie said...

The photos thing.....that has been my solution too. Better than banging head against wall! The thread therapy piece is lovely! BTW....I have some silk threads left from ancient times when I did a lot of crazy quilting. I traded many skeins over the years for different items but still have some, and I have many colors of Perl cotton. As I can barely hold a needle, I know they will not get used here. Send me your address and I will put together a package for you, if you are interested. It think they would be grand on this type project.

Barbara said...

Congrats on finding a photos workaround! We are all having to find those for one reason or another with these constantly conflicting technologies that were supposed to make our lives easier. I remember the last piece, so beautiful and a real conversation piece. This one will be as lovely, but I admit to loving the blue colors more.

Alice said...

Your handiwork is beautiful. Both this one and previous one. Thanks to you I now have a way to get my photos onto my computer. I’ve even having tech savvy family members do it.

tubakk said...

Lovely handwork on your beautiful fabrics.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sometimes my phone photos don't upload as they should. If I go and click on them, they tend to load then. Technology is a pain.

Edgar said...

What a super piece to work on!!