Monday, February 10, 2020

Making a Couple of Gifts

A friend and classmate is having a birthday this month. She told us in our last class that she is celebrating her birthday month.  She also brought us cake.  So I decided that she deserves a present or two. 
My rigid heddle loom is perfect for making a scarf so I quickly put a warp on it and started weaving. I know that she likes a little bling - she wore a shimmery silver top to class and made sure we noticed it.
Black and silver it is!
The warp is a simple black, but the weft (threads that go across) is an interesting black and silver where the silver fades to a sparkle, but has parts that are much more silver.  It worked well.

Of course I needed a bag to put it in - and I had some extra handwoven that was already interfaced. A simple zipper bag would be terrific, right?

My opinion is that zipper bags should always have a lighter lining to make finding things in them easier. Thuss, I used this scrap of a pretty but light colored fabric. It doesn't show in the photo but the bag has some bling/shiny yarn in it also.
I hope she enjoys them.

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Barbara said...

Oh my, Gene, is there anything you can’t do?! I think not. You are so considerate as well! To prepare this gift for someone who loves sparkle is so generous, she will absolutely love it. I love sparkle too, but I don’t have any friends as talented as you! I hate to admit it, but I simply cannot pass by the reverse sequin products in the stores without playing with them for a few seconds like a child. They take me back in memory to numerous prom gowns that had sparkle. such nostalgia, even for a few seconds, feels so nice. I LOVE the scarf and the open weave makes it such an original one of a kind GB!

Barbara said...

I’m sorrry, I’m so taken with the scarf that I forgot to mention the bag! She will think that’s her gift, and it is!, but when she opens it up and finds that scarf she will be blown away. You are the peach among all peaches!

Kathleen said...

Wonderful gifts for a friend. So sweet that you noticed what she likes and then to make a bag too - just so sweet.

JustCallMeElle said...

If she does not like the little bag, just know that my birthday is in October! heehee

Truly, I think she will love your gifts. They are really luscious and beautiful. Handmade gifts are so cool.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

VERY nice!! Two handmade gifts - both originals - from you - she's one lucky lady - ;))

Pamela Arbour said...

What a lucky birthday lady! The scarf alone is beautiful but you really stepped it up a notch with the bag. Both are lovely. I am sure she will be overwhelmed by them.

Angie said...

Very nice gifts! You are So Very talented and thoughtful!! Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your day! 🌞🌼

Quilting Tangent said...

She should love her hand made treasures from her dear friend.

Quilting Gail said...

Wonderful gifts, Gene!!!
And, I agree, all bags should have light linings! How could one find anything with a dark lining?
Happy Quilting! :-)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Very nice! February is also my birthday month (yes, I celebrate all month long). I know your friend will love her new things, especially that great bag.