Saturday, February 29, 2020

More Thread Dyeing

It was too tempting to play around with dyeing more threads for embroidery work.  So I gave in to the temptation and made four skeins on my skein winder.

This time, I did some experimentation with some colored threads to see what would happen.  I chose light/medium value colors both in the "mauve-ish" family for two of the base threads. The other two skeins are the white that I used previously and was sure would come out nicely.

Here you see the colored base thread on the left.  The yellow turned an orange color while the purple, blue simply went deeper in color. What little red there is seems no different.
The two white skeins dyed nicely although I over-compensated from the previous time and there are some white bits.  That will just add to the variety, I think.

None of the threads absorbed the dye as well as the previous batch did.  Although the three above are totally acceptable for my use. 

The fourth skein is a failure in my estimation.  I will not use it for embroidery but will likely wind it on a bobbin and use it for weaving.

This thread seemed to shed the dye mixture.  It only took the dye in spots.  As I was squirting the dye on it, I saw that it was resisting the dye.  
Lesson learned.  Next time I will soak the thread skeins in the soda ash solution first rather than adding the solution to the dye mix. That way the thread will grab the dye readily as the soda ash is the catalyst/activator that makes the dye bond with the plant fiber.

At least I can use this in weaving where it will add a nice bit of surprise color as it is woven in.
In fact, the first time I dyed bundles of threads where when I was dyeing for weaving.  I have come in a bit of a circle to get here.   What I find is that each type of creative endeavour gives ideas and methodology to use with other forms of creativity.  And, well - I love that!

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Barbara said...

I actually like your thread that took the dye uneven-ly. I can truly see it in weaving. It’s amazing that you understand the chemistry that will fix it for next time use in embroidery.

Debbie said...

Oh yes, that thread that didn't grab the color will be great when woven. I love the surprises you get when playing with the dyes.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

It's nice when something we learn fits in neatly with other stuff that we already "know" - it all adds up - LOL. And I can see the last skein being used in your weaving - but I think the white might look good and "sparkle" if you embroidered it on a darker - navy/purple - background - like little rays of "sunshine" here and there - ;))

Vicki W said...

Why don't you just overdye the thread? Soak it in soda ash again and apply more dye.