Saturday, February 08, 2020

Painting Fabric

I am always interested in fun ways to change fabric.  I saw a demo on using Pebeo Setacolor transparent paints some time back.  Once I had a few dollars to spare, I bought a set of the paints in 45 ml bottles online.

I have painted three pieces so far.  This one was painted and then overpainted.
This is my favorite of the three pieces
First it was painted with turquoise and green paints, then after that had dried I folded it diagonally and added the purple and the fuschia.  The paint is "transparent" in that what ever is there already will show through much like painting with watercolor paints. The color will blend with the color underneath it unless the top color just overpowers it.

I also used the same turquoise and green paints for this piece which was folded and dipped.

It isn't all that exciting but it offers possibilities in piecing or applique. 

And finally this one (which was actually painted first.)

I played around with some techniques on this one. I didn't have the fabric damp enough at the beginning though.  So I decided to use the salt technique to cause some visual texture. 
This close up shows how the salt draws the moisture and thus the pigment to itself.  It certainly makes an interesting texture in the paint.  

I will be doing this more once the weather is warmer and I can work outside so that I can splatter freely.
Here is a photo of the paints borrowed from the site selling them.

My favorite thing about these paints is that they leave the hand of the fabric soft not stiff like some other paints are prone to do. 

Have you tried painting fabrics?  If so I would love to hear what you did and how you liked or disliked it and why. 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

VERY informative, Gene - thanks for sharing! No - I've never tried painting on fabric - I have so much quilting "stuff" and yarn that I don't dare start "painting" anything - I don't have room for any more "stuff". I do enjoy "watching" you play with them, though - you seem to be having a good time - and make it look like FUN - ;))

Kathleen said...

Fabric painting is quite fun, isn’t it! I know Micky Lawler used to paint yards and yards of it in the summer. Do you have her book? She is the queen of this technique.

eclaire said...

The best part of those Pebeo transparent paints? The sun dyeing.

Barbara said...

Very pretty! I’ve never tried painting fabrics, but it looks like unknown fun. I can see how they act a bit like watercolors, especially in the third photo where the salt has an effect. That one looks ”landscape-ish” to me. Have fun!

Vicki W said...

You'll have a great time sun printing with them too!