Monday, March 23, 2020

Thoughts and a bit of Yarn

I have been just chilling the past couple of days.  Monsoon weather has set in here again.  I awoke to thunder and heavy rain that is still falling down.  Yesterday I  decided to take a wool single that I had spun and make a spiral ply.  Before I started, I watched a class that I bought on Craftsy a few years back;  Spinning Art Yarns by Jacey Boggs Faulkner. 
Being in "chill" mode, I watched most of the lessons. So as I was doing the spiral ply, I also added some stacks and coils in it.  I am not a great spinner, but it is very calming for me.

But while I was reading a "suggestion" to parents today, I decided to add my two cents worth. Feel free to send it to anyone you know who may need this idea.

Those of you with school age children (and younger) remember that reading stories (yes I mean fiction) is perfectly valid for learning. Do NOT tell them it is educational. Snuggle up with them and read. If they read well out loud offer them the opportunity to read to you (and siblings.) If you read the right books, they will learn a lot without realizing it. i learned about science from children's books that later sparked my imagination to find out more about it.
This is great for stress reduction for them AND for you. Just enjoy the time together. If you read a story where something is cooked/made/etc and you have the stuff, you can cook/make/etc together as a follow up to the story. Then they learn life skills in the process.
What if it is a failure? LAUGH and explain that we all fail at times but if we look closely we can learn something about what went wrong and maybe do it better next time. But LAUGH - and they will hopefully learn to find humor in the worst of times. And what a glorious life skill that is!

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Barbara said...

The youngsters in your life must surely love you, Gene! I love your spiral plied yarn, and what great fun spinning! What will you make with it?

Barb said...

Oh....I read books to my sons and I mean books, Great Expectations, Treasure Island, Secret Garden, Lord of the Rings etc..... as soon as they could sit still and listen and if they just happen to be listening while I was reading to the older ones....all the better. MIss those days.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

There for a bit I thought you were speaking a foreign language - "take a wool single and make a spiral ply" and "added some stacks and coils in it" - then I realized you were speaking "spinning" - LOL. I'm pretty sure I know what you're taking about with the "single" and "ply" - but could you explain what "stacks" and "coils" are - for those of us - me - who have no clue?

Your two cents is worth more than that!! A love of reading is a great gift to give ALL children. They can learn so much without it seeming to be "educational" - because - heaven forbid they think they are being "taught" something - LOL - ;))